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The greek-tourism tourist guide informs you about the greek Car Rentals, Moto Rentals as well as places you can visit with your new rented car or moto to have some quality food, cafes, and the famous beaches of Zakynthos, in order to help you make a final decision on visitting and recommend the island to all your friends, endicing them to visit.

We made a choice of the best, on the basis of our criteria, and we took into account what the locals and our internet user members told us, without forgetting our own view of those that seemed to stand out and are worthy visitting.

So we present you detailed information, such as photos, services, menu, specials, prices, categories, contact details, location and offers.

Zakynthos General Information

Zakynthos is a beautifull place. When you disembark from your short trip from kylini, you reach a land buzzing with life, a city full of smells..
Smells from the freshly cooked foods, from the fruits and tomatoes on the small gardens, from the local cheeses and the wines..

One would expect the Ionian to be rather harsh on the beaches but Zante has many beaches that are protected from bad weather and even on the roughest weathers one can enjoy his holidays in the nice, calm sea.
Zante is located West of Pelloponese, and south of the island of Kefalonia. It has a rather triangular shape, it's size is about 406 sq. Kilometres and its population is 40.758.

The eastern shore has nice, sandy and calmer beaches, while the western part has rocky beaches, that are many times hard to approach.
They too are very interesting though, forming little cliffs and sea caves, for those that love the virgin and wild.