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Civilization Rethymno: Civilization of the island of Rethymno, Greece, Crete

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Rethymno Civilization: Information about the Civilization of Rethymno

Rethymno with much of its modem holiday accommodation spread behind the mile long sandy beach, also attracts the visitor with a sense of history. Dominated by a Venetian fortress, the old town has bags of atmosphere. Its quaint little fishing harbour is particularly attractive in the evenings when water's edge tavemas are lit up. A Venetian fortress, a beautiful old town, a palm-lined promenade, a long sandy beach complete with water sports, lively bars and tempting tavernas, old and new blend happily in Rethymno.




When the Venetians came to Rethymno they established themselves in the Castel Vecchio, the first building centre of the town. The Castel Vecchio included a very small area and was surrounded by a fortified wall. Later, the expansion of the settlement beyond that wall demanded the construction of a new wall, which would include a larger area. This was carried out during the period between 1540 and 1570. The new fortification of the building complex included a magnificent entrance gate, the Porta Guora, which led to the central square, where the superb public buildings such as the Loggia, the Rimondi Fountain and the sundial tower were situated.











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Rethymno: Civilization Rethymno
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