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Leros is an island that hides in it all you can think of an island. A sumptuous of colors that create pictures of unrivalled beauty, is what remains in the memory of the visitor, who is going to see the island for the very first time. It is like it came from the pages of a tale. It is a unique and incomparable island and it credits an adornment for the Dodekanese. It is the island of Artemis, the ancient goddess for hunting and it is ready to become yours also.

In order to enjoy it you have to be patient about 11 hours enjoying the journey in a comfortable ship that leaves from Pireus . If you are in a hurry to be soon in this paradise on earth, then book a ticket to fly from the airport from Athens to the island of your dreams.

Whatever ticket you choose, just take care, that it writes on it "Leros". It is for sure, that your choise will fulfil you from the very first moment you are going to arrive there. The picture you are going to get there will be one of the best of the pictures you ever had in your life.


It will consist of architectural masterpieces, the houses with windows with many windows, the flora, that is the company of the low land and the small mountains, and also for the diachronic beauty of the blue of the sea. An accompaniment to all of this is for sure the atmosphere of hospitality, that is everywhere in the island and that is because of its ihabitants. They are simple and open-hearted and they will do everything to serve you with open hands offering you a warm smile.

The traditional houses of "Agia Marina" - Capital of the Island - and the countless mansion-houses with the many colors on theier windows will be your stabil company during your walking, because they are sprayed of in all the parts of the island. The grafical corners of them will fascinate you, because of the personal care of theier creators, the inhabitans of Leros. The old and the new, the modern and the classical have found theier own balance and they represent deservingly the yesterday and the today.


The area of "Agia Marina" and "Platanos" have many places for you to go. You just need to take the way that goes to the "Kastro tis Panagias" and you will see what means nice view. There you will find also the Church "Panagia" with the beautifull iconostasis.

For the complate picture of the area you have to visit the Museum of the Church, where you can find everything, that is considered as a rarity.

The platan has the leading position in the old area in the Capital City. It is an area with small ways like snakes, full of surprises, and it is a monument of the years that went past and that left as an inheritance a windmill, a town hall and the "Leriaki Leschi" (Club of Leros), a cafe full of memories.

When you arrive in Lakki, you are going to meet a different architectical art than those that exist in other islands. It is the main port of Leros and it is famous for its comforts. You are going to wonder around to the buildings and you are going to take long time admiring them for theier originality, that stams from the beginning of the 20th century.

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