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The temple of Evangelistria. An impressive, imposing building, constructed all from white marble. It was established in 1823 at the point were the icon of Panagia was found, which is believed to be that work of Apostle Luke. 

Under the temple, which is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, is the church of Evreseos, which was dedicated to Zoodoho Pigi. It was built over the foundations of an older church of the first Christian years - dedicated to Saint John, which was destroyed by pirate raids. As the excavations showed, in this same position, the temple of Dionysus was located with a theatre, were the festivities and competitions to honor Dionysus and Poseidon used to take place. Next to the entrance of the church of Evreseos the mausoleum of the victims of from the sinking of "Elli" if found.

The Catholic churches of Saint Nicolas with its exquisite decor, the Assumption of Virgin Mary (the golden) , Taxiarhon, with the wood carved iconostasis from the 18th century , Trion Ierarxon , Agios Ioannis with its beautiful decor, Agios Antonios in the suburb of Pallada. The icon of Agios Antonios in the iconostasis is dated from 1736, but the church is believed to be older.

The temple of Evangelistria

The wall of the ancient city, behind the church of Panagia, follows 1500 meters lengthwise the old road of Ktikados-Tripotamos. Some of its parts are perfectly maintained.

The village of Triantaros, 6klms North east, built on a privileged position for its view. At this village you will see "gournes" (water basins) , the old public washing areas, which many housewives still use.

Archeological Place

Archeological Museum: telephone - 02830 22670. It is located near the temple of Panagia. Findings from various areas of the island - Kionia, Eksomvourgo (7th century B.C.) the tombstone pillar which represents a naked young man sitting on a low pessary , important work of the after classic Ionic island art ( during the 4th century B.C.) are exhibited.

Gallery with sculptures of Tinian artist and an art gallery tel: 02830 22256. It is located next to the church of Panagia. It has a collection of works by KonstanTinos Parthenis, Dimitrios Filippoti, Nikiforos and Nikolaos Lytra, Georgios Iakovidis, Nikolaos Gizis, Lazaros Sochos, Vitaly brothers etc. 

In the art gallery there is a rich collection of replicas of painting of grand painters of the Renaissance - Titsiano, Valesketh, and Veroneze. The Holy foundation also has a vestry with ecclesiastic relics, an exhibition with replicas of icons of the Virgin Mary, from various eras and techniques, library with rare books and also an hall with ecclesiastic, liturgical vessels and pontificals.

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