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History of Syros: History of the island of Syros, Greece, Cyclades

History of Syros, Greece. Syros History : information about the History of Syros.
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Syros History: Information about the History of Syros

HISTORY of Syros

Once upon a time many years ago because the inhabitants of Syros needed protection from the pirate raids, they created a settlement that would offer them the maximum possible protection. For this reason they decided to move to a hill of the island that was located quite far from the sea. This is approximately how the birth of the location Ano Siros started, which existed before the creation of Ermoupolis, and ends with today's majestic picture of Higher land-the way the locals name it-that offers openhandedly the unique view ,that like it nothing similar exists.

Lilliputian roads with the smell of lime tickles your nose, courtyards and balconies from wood without galleries that give you the impression that they have been constructed only for children, and houses that almost always have their doors halfway open placing into operation the intercommunications between neighbors but in the traditional way.

These are the most recognizable images that you will experience if you head towards Ano Siros. The architecture of the Cyclades, spreads out in front of your eyes and causes you to admire it.


Put on your most comfortable shoes, take with you a flask of cold water and prepare for the large ascent. The 900 stairs that are made of pebbles that conclude at Ano Siros wait for you to conquer them and they promise that your efforts will not go to waste. Words are rather poor to describe both the route and the view that you will come across when reaching the peak.

At the Exhibition, which is dedicated to the unforgettable Marcos Vamvakaris, a song maker and a rebetis, you will able to see many of his things, amongst them his baglama his bouzouki.

If you like Ano Siros so much that you have the desire to learn more about this adorable district, then all you need is to direct yourselves towards the Exhibition of Traditional Professions but also to the Exhibition of various historical records which concern this exquisite municipality. Through these objects of daily use that you will see, you will become acquainted with the everyday way of life of the people of Siros and their occupations, while the records that you will find, will give you significant information for the times that have passed.

Orthodox and Catholics coexist peacefully in the island. This segregation occurred because the first inhabitants of the island, those of Ano Siros, were Catholics, while those that settled later in the area of Ermoupolis were and remain Orthodox.


Thus the metropolis of Ano Siros is the Catholic church of Saint George. It's worth visiting to closely admire the temple but also its ecclesiastical organ that is necessary for the performance of the service.

If you are a person who likes to gather information about a certain area that you visit, including the religion that represents it, then visit the Center of Historical Studies of the Catholic Diocese.

Remarkable stations in history but also in your course to Ano Siros is the monastery of Jesuits that dates back to 1744 and the monastery of the Kaponates that can be found a little further down.

One fantastic landmark that is constituted of stone and green is what the church of Saint Athanasios has chosen as its company. You will worship at the Orthodox Church and you can cool off at the water spring, enjoying the shade that the rich leaves of the trees offer.











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