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Ermoupolis is one of the most beautiful harbors in Greece with its history wandering on its wharf. Completely equipped it is still an important junction today that many ships visit on a daily basis to rest from their long journey. There they are kept company by the view of this one of a kind city of Ermoupolis with its neoclassical buildings that are spread along the length of the hill and which is a sign of the magic that unfolds inside of its graphic back streets.

If the general appearance of the city gave you the impression that nothing can fit between the houses that are built very close to one another, then you will pleasantly discover that all of the culture of Siros strolls in the snake-like streets of Ermoupolis, and offers images of unbelievably good taste.

The Town Hall of Siros stands dominantly in all its grandeur. It is one of those buildings that will challenge your intense admiration and you will surely be whispering "Bravo" to Tsiler who constructed it. The imposing architecture is not the only main characteristic of its exterior look, but also its interior is decorated with an amazing staircase of large width, constructed in its whole from marble.

The history of the first Cyclade years, until the period of Byzantine, is presented by the various findings that have the Archeological Museum of Siros as their shelter. You will find it, by taking a walk inside the Town Hall; it is located on the northwestern side of the building. By visiting this museum you will be rewarding yourself with a unique experience of at the same time visiting a historic monument.

It is certain that you have come to adore this cyclade city from your first steps. If you want to receive more information about the island that is accommodating you, and more specifically about the capital of the island which is also the capital of the also the entire Cyclades, Ermoupolis.. quickly take the road that leads to its historic records and become a bookworm that will penetrate into its documents and the records of the city.


The central square of Ermoupolis can only be characterized as legendary. There you will discover the statue of Andreas Miaoulis, Bandstand, but also something else that is found hidden in the soul and heart of every person from Siros and every visitor of the island. It is the countless precious memories that every one of us holds inside them having as a common ground the Stairways of the Town Hall and the tiled square of Miaoulis.


The cultural center (Club of Hellenism) of the island is like a drawing of marble where you can find the Public Library. It is a building with a beautiful architecture that decorates not only the appearance of the island but also the spirit of the visitor.

A very large book that in its pages or better in its corridors all the spiritualistic and artistic life of the people that left this world, is what the cemetery of Ermoupolis represents. Monuments and witnessing of grandiose souls that give a pleasurable note of joy and feeling of gratitude for the inheritance that we have before our eyes. It is worth visiting so that you can see this spectacle from close up, and will take you to journeys of other times.

Remembrance of Syros' bright ages is the Appolon Theatre, which continues the performances till today. At that time, one could see in its interior a miniature of Milan's Scale where elegant ladies used to ramble.

Walk to the neighborhood Vaporia and admire the lordliness. Sublime houses of neoclassic era belong to wealthy people and they are the one after the other showing their beauty. They will remind you Venice, because their base touch the see and they can offer you a romantic walk in their alleys.


The first thing you are going to see is the Customhouse of Ermoupolis. It is an earnest of neoclassic era and it was this that made the beginning for the construction of buildings of such kind.

The Picture Gallery of Cyclades has found its own place. It is housed in Apothikes Diametakomissis (Transit Stores) next to the building of Customhouse. During your walk in the cobbled roads of Syros, you will raise often your head up for admiring not only the deep blue sky but also the impressive buildings.

The Velissaropoulos' mansion and these of Androulis and Nikolaidis are some of the mansions that are going to impress you. So, start with fondness for this gorgeous meeting with history.


Patron saint of the island is Ayios Nikolaos. How could miss a church of incredible beauty dedicated to the patron of Syros?
It's got a marvelous blue dome and generally an imposing external presence and a masterly decoration. You are going to bow reverentially the icons of great value and admire the astonishing temple.


One of the most beautiful churches in the island is Kimissi. There, the devout atmosphere is combined unexceptionably with the woodcut creations that decorate its interior. You will light a candle and you'll have the chance to admire the unique icon with the signature of Dominikos Theotokopoulos.

The first church and the Cathedral of the island is Metamorfossis Sotiros. Its beautiful forecourt made by pebbles foretells the sight that will follow inside the church. Marble and wood have been made in a single way for the creation of the impressing temple.


Ships of yesterday with a great history as also new creations of unique technique, guarantee the shipwrights of Syros that you'll have the chance to meet on the road to shipyards. Watching the yearning of local people will impress you.

In every side of Ermoupolis the sight is unique, separate and invariable. If you like walking, you will make walks, which will provide you, wanderings in old, nostalgic ages.

The society of Ermoupolis and of the entire Syros comprises from kind people who love their land. Be sure that they will welcome you with open heart and they will be willing to show you their way of life.











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