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Peaceful, solitary and extremely charming is what describes the beach of Santorinion. It is ideal for whoever wants to calm their mind and soy. It's all blue water is a mere temptation that you will surely want to try.

The bay of Varis with its sandy beaches has everything to offer. At this location the progress with tradition coexist without spoiling its natural beauty, offering every type of sea oriented entertainment. At the golden sandy beach of Achladi you will come across colorful small boats (kaikia). It is a small, graphic and uniquely romantic village. At the beach of Ampelas you can find green waters and you can enjoy your swimming and daydream lying under the Cyclade sun.

The beach of Mega Gialos welcomes you and promises you unique moments in its blue sea. There you can enjoy diving and when the sea salt opens your appetite you can fulfill your hunger in one of the taverns that can offer you all their delicacies.

The social beach of Agkathopos nothing is lacking. Hotel complexes, sport installations, umbrellas and sun chairs compose a unique image with the central character being the spotlessly clean waters. If you want to be alone, then go directly to the seashore of Komito where you will enjoy these feelings. Load up with your sunscreen and enough little bottles of water and start off as soon as possible.

Phoinicas bay is very graphic and the choice of many sailing boats. It offers calm waters and a lot of entertainment, because you can enjoy all kinds of sports, both in the sea and on dry land. Hotels, bars and coffee shops are there so that your every wish can become reality. The small beach of Kokkina is idyllic for everyone who wishes to come across as few people as possible. It is surrounded by small and large rocks and promises moments of peace and refreshment in its crystal water.

It is one of the most familiar tourist summer resorts in Syros. It has an exquisite beach with golden beach while the blue color of the water ties perfectly with the white of the houses that are spread out on the hill, creating an authentic Greek picture. It is one of the most beautiful places because it combines all the different types of activities. You can lie under the beach umbrellas drinking your refreshment, while at lunchtime you can savor the delicacies that the taverns of this area have to offer. Quickly leave for Galissa!!!

Its waters are simply magic. You cannot get enough of looking at them and even more so, enjoy swimming in them. Reward yourself with this one of a kind experience and visit the bay of Armeou.



The main characteristic of the beach of Lotus is the solitary and moments of peace that it offers. Its scanty vegetation, which has given it an austere beauty, will surely amaze you.

One of the most beautiful beaches that have been loved by all the people who have visited it is the beach of Kini. Spotlessly clean and refreshing, it offers its hospitality and openhandedly its blue color to whomever prefers it.

You can enjoy your diving in the water and you can taste fresh fish, which can be found in every tavern's menu.


If you are the type of person that finds that even your bathing suit bothers you, then the only location to get rid of it is the beach of the Delfini. There you will surely understand the value of peacefulness since the only sounds that you will hear will be that of the sea and your own breathing.

If during your route for your swim you discover that you forgot your sea umbrella, don't worry. Go to the beach of Leias where you will find enough salt trees that will offer you their invaluable shade. The small shorelines of Marmari and Megas Lakkos are indented. They have calm waters and very few people.

Fetouri is an organized beach that can offer you all the amenities. Umbrellas, sleeping chairs and all blue water are offered in abundance in order to offer you moments of unique pleasure.