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The traditional taverns, ouzo pubs and snack-stores on the island are countless. Everything has been constructed with the care of the inhabitants and they make up one of kind centers for your initiation to the cuisine of Syros. The seafood of the island is something extraordinary.

Small and large fish will dominate your lunch and dinner menus since it's the most delicious that the waters of Syros have to offer. Choose the coolest corner in any tavern that you wish and enjoy the unique Strapatsada, the local sausage, octopus on coal but also the classic pihti. Accompany these with ouzo or beer and you will travel in taste.


The enjoyment of good food becomes even better when the ideal decoration and music coincide. Almost all the traditional taverns are decorated with unforgettable black and white photographs but also with many antiques that give a different scent to the whole atmosphere. Actually there are more than just a few these locals that play unforgettable songs on their bouzouki or their guitars, thus offering unique melodies.

When the sun sets, Syros is transformed into a seductress. The bars and the nightclubs are open and waiting to show you what entertainment means in The Syros way. In Ermoupolis, Ano Syros, and in many small and large villages you will dance to the sounds of Greek and foreign music, you will enjoy drinking your refreshment in idyllic locations, and you will stay awake all night gazing at the stars.

The traditional celebrating in Syros has one name: The Ermoupoleia. They are celebrated every year and they are the first and most important point of attraction for the locals and also for the visitors. They consist of dancing, music events and many other activities that offer a unique spectacle. A similar spectacle can be enjoyed at the Ananosiria that take place every two years.



Syros although, is not only Ermoupolis. In many small and large villages of the island cultural events are organizes that may not have such a large variety, but they don't lack in enjoyment.

Ano Syros is known for its famous carnival it consists of the parade of the masquerades from Piatsa but also the graphic walkways of the area, and finally it ends in an all around party. Syros is proud for many things. One of these is the All Girls High School. It's been in operation for about 85 years and is the pride of the island.

It is the keeper of Syros traditions and is involved in the preservation, the perpetuation and spreading, inside and outside the borders of all the traditional facts of Syros. The cultural center of Ermoupolis many times during the passage of time has enjoyed unique moments.


This occurs when the Music society of Syros decorates the evenings of the island with music and creates a dreamful atmosphere.

Megas Gialos outside of its beautiful beach is proud for something else. It has to do with the three festivals that take place in its area. That of Saint Benilthou, of Saint Theklas and Saint Antonio. In the last festival food is offered to whomever has chosen to participate. Go to Kini on the 17th of July or on the 29th of June and you wont be disappointed.

In the two small churches of the area a crazy festival takes place and that is why you must not miss it. Those that choose to go to the small church of Analipsis, on the beach of Azolimnou will enjoy music, dancing and a wonderful pastry. You will enjoy it and you will surely return.