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Visiting a Greek island is surely a unique experience. It becomes even more fascinating when you wish to discover it from one end to the other. For this reason make sure that you stay for enough days, so as to be able to explore even the last stone.

The tourist infrastructure of Syros is one of the main characteristics of the island. All you have to do is to choose what kind of accommodation you would like to have. In other words, if you prefer a room in one of the luxurious hotel establishments with all the amenities that can offers, or if you prefer the luxury of simplicity that is offered by the rental rooms with their particular style which are spread throughout the island.


There are quite a few settlements in Siros that are situated on the coastline. One of these is the settlement of Azolimnou. Its simple landscape in conjunction with the golden sandy beaches, is a natural attraction for many visitors who want to enjoy peaceful vacations.

The village of Baris looks like the palette of a painter. There the colors alternate between each other in a playful way and create images of distinct beauty. The gardens look as if they are taking part in a beauty pageant and are the essential supplement for every house in Syros.

Megalos Gialos is large in beauty but also in hospitality. It is composed of an idyllic route during which, you will have the company of the blue green tint of the sea. If you head towards Hroussa, you can enjoy the vegetation in all its grandeur. In this area that is studded with pines you will meet many old mansions that decorate the village with their presence.

A panoramic view is offered to every visitor from the hill where the Catholic church of the Virgin Mary of Faneromenis can be found. If however you choose to visit during the period around the 24th of September then, you will take place in the reverence that takes place at the temple, and all the representatives of Christianity honour it with their presence.

You will hear it being called Dellagratsia or Poseidonia, but everyone means the same exact area. It is a location that will overwhelm you with its beauty and luxury. These are the two main characteristics that become apparent with the first look. An aristocratic image is what you will encounter at Dellagratsia, while the villas with their unimaginable external decorations and the evergreen gardens worthily steal everyone's impressions.



In the summer the area Phoenicians is transformed into a luxurious fish village. It spreads out on a slope having across from it the immense blue of the Cyclade Sea and is willing to offer its hospitality to whoever visits it because it offers the essential tourist resorts. Care freeness, perfect view and incredible food are the things that make you adore it.

Gialissas is an area that offers everything you may desire. How could it be any different when, beyond the incredible natural beauty, its infrastructure offers everything to whomever chooses it for his stay, and of course much more.

The nightclubs and bars are plentiful and they transform the night in Gialissa in the best possible environment for entertainment.


At Kini you will find calm and clean water, traditional appetizers but also a quiet place for you to sleep and calm down.

There you will share the company of the sea breeze that will massage you gently and the one of a kind spectacle, the sunset that makes the sun look as if it is disappearing into the sea.



If you visit Ano Mera you will have the opportunity to see the Traditional Agricultural houses, which are built and decorated with the abundant, care of their owners, whom you will have the opportunity to meet during your visit.

There will be many times that you will stop your journey so that you can admire the incredible view, but also to light a candle in one of the many churches that you will find on your way.


If on your journey you encounter something like large earthy staircases, then we can inform you this is the so-called "anavathmides".

It is a technique that is used to hold the soil with the help of dry wood. In conjunction with these you will find quite a few houses that during their construction used all that mother earth has to offer.