Restaurant Petrino - Acropoli - Megali Ammos, Skiathos, Greece

The restaurant Petrino is an excellent choice to satisfy all your sences.The beautiful view of Megali Ammos beach and the relaxing music make the perfect atmosphere for you to choose your favourite dish and enjoy it! Our chef's delicious flavors are inspired by traditional Greek cuisine and cooked with fresh ingredients. Some of our dishes are fried squid "calamaries" with split peas and basil sause, grilled fish with onion's chips and seasonal greens, chicken fillet with carrot puree, thyme sause and fragrant salad and pork fillet with wild rice, mild mustard sause and parmesan flakes.

For the clients who are more demanding and they are looking for something more special there are dishes like lobster with mango and orange sause.

For those who all they need is a cold drink our swimming pool area is available from afternoon till late at night.There you can order your favourite cocktail at the pool bar and enjoy it!

Restaurant Petrino is appropriate for every type of social events.

The restaurant Petrino is located in Acropolis in Megali Ammos.

restaurant info:

Restaurant Petrino
Acropoli-Megali Ammos, Skiathos, Greece

Tel: (+30) 24270 24010
Mob: (+30) 6944 450101



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