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Santorini GreekTavern & Restaurants

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Santorini Restaurants: Information about restaurants & Traditional Greek Food & Cuisine

Santorini, Traditional Greek taverns, steakhouses, fresh fish tavern.

In general, cuisine in Santorini is good in all restaurants. From taverns to classy restaurants you will be amazed by the variaty of choices. You can choose between Greek cuisine, international, Steak houses, lots of tarverns and fresh fish tarverns on the small ports or on the caldera with the beautiful veiw of the santorini volcano. There are many other restaurants to choose from like Italian, Asian, chinese and even Mexican restuarants, taverns & pizzaria's.

The tourist guide greek-tourism informs you about the restaurants, lodgings, hotels and businesses that from which you'll be satisfied and recommend Santorini to all your friends enticing them to visit. We are choosing the best restaurants, bars, cafe, beach bar, hotels and businesses bearing in mind these criteria as well as what the locals and the Internet visitors told us excluding our opinion for those hotels that we think the most of, and we recommend without doubt that you should visit them. In Santorini you should absolutely visit:


Restaurants in Santorini

Santorini Taverns

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Santorini Restaurants | fish taverns | steakhouses & Greek food
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