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Which are the criteria for choosing the right hotel? Certainly, the surrounding space, the atmosphere, the reception, the quality and the price.

The tourist guide greek-tourism will help you so that you don't fall into the trap of those hotels that charge the customer based on the circumstances. We will inform you about the hotels that will take care of you and from which you'll be satisfied and recommend the island to all your friends enticing them to visit. This guide considers you as much as the island we all love.

Santorini Hotels are located in both the traditional villages and in the beach resorts of Santorini area as well as in the Town of Santorini. This section is offering a large range of hotels, apartments, traditional houses, villas, studios, rooms, campings and many general informations about Santorini.

Santorini General Information

Santorini a wild beauty created from a cosmogony by a volcano that lies in the middle of the bay. On top of it, in the edge of the rock is the reconciliation of the wild and the weird.
Santorini is the island that lies in the southern area of Cyclades.
The terrain is volcanic and one one side is the cliff with the beath taking view of the still volcano and the curve of the island.

At sunset tourists flock to Oia and watch the sky turn pink orange, purple & red and on the other side the black volcanic sandy beaches .

The climate is cool because of the northeast winds. The winter is mild with lowest temperature of 10C.