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Information about Civilization in Santorini

Civilization and information in Santorini

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Santorini Civilization: Information about The Civilization of Santorini Cyclades Greece


Tradition and development:

Later all kinds of transportation multiplied and the inhabitants imitated the other islands and created rent rooms. Today the main occupation of the inhabitants is tourism and the cultivation of some other products as flour, potatoes, oil and meat.

Manners and customs:

The western element influenced the culture of the island. During Christmas, they make the same kind of sweet as in England: pudding. They also make nioki, which is Italian. Many festivities and events take place in August. Even the songs of Santorini are indicative of the identity of the island.

Inhabitants and occupations:

In order to understand the occupation of the inhabitants, you should have in mind that all villages are far away from the sea. Fira is half an hour from the beach. Tourists built today's islands and most of the inhabitants are fishermen. The inhabitants of Santorini used to live on the top of the island and most of them are farmers. The land is fertile and the most important products are grapes and tomatoes. Also, Santorini produces excellent wine.



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Civilization in Santorini Cyclades Greece - Santorini Civilization
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