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Santorini Excursions: Information about The Excursions in Santorini Cyclades Greece



1st ROUTE Fira - Ia - Firostefani - church of Agios Nikolaos - Imerovigli - Finikia - Perivolos - Ia. Return from the northeast coast: Tholos - Baxedes - Koloumbos - Panagia of Kalou - Vourvoulos - Kontohori - Fira. After Fira we will visit the wonderful villages of Santorini, which will charm you. The most important in this route is that we visit all the villages that are built on the edge of the cliff.

FIROSTEFANI: Firostefani is the extension of Fira. It is an elongated village built along the cliff with wonderful view to Kaldera. To the right, we can see the most magnificent stone volume of the island, Skaros. To the left we can see the ruins of two old mills. Moreover, this village has many monasteries.

IMEROVIGLI - SKAROS: Two kilometers from Fira is Imerovigli. Its name comes from the period of the pirates: Vigla of the day (day: imera in Greek). The position of the village allows the supervision of the whole area so that the inhabitants of the island will be quickly informed. It is a beautiful village that combines the cosmopolitan life with peaceful life. It is the only village in Santorini that offers both entertainment and serenity.

FINIKIA - PERIVOLOS: In a distance of 9 kilometers from the center of Fira, to the left of the road, is the village of Finikia, which, along with Perivolos and Ia, form the north housing estate of the island which is named Apano Meria. In 10 kilometers, the junction to the left leads to the settlement of Perivolos. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini, which had been developed in the last few years. Then follows the junction to the right towards Finikia, a small settlement famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants, its picturesque villages and the traditional taverns.

IA: Ia is 11 kilometers from Fira in the northwest side of the island and welcomes the visitors with its unique combination of colors and magical landscape. Its peculiar architecture causes the admiration of those who visit it. Two-storey houses dug in lava from the eruptions of the volcano and brightly colored give a special character to the settlement. The central roads in Ia are paved with marble instead of the usual cobbled road we find in the rest of the island. The amazing sunset with view of the volcano and the sea, the graphic shops and the gardens of the houses create a unique result of harmony that charms even the most demanding visitor.

RETURN TO FIRA (Tholos - Baxedes - Panagia of Kalou - Vourvoulos - Kontohori - Fira). The road to return starts from the junction we came across in the 11th kilometer and continues to the east. On the 12th kilometer to the left stands the small settlement Tholos just outside Ia. On the 14th kilometer we come across Baxedes, an area with sand and rocks, which is still undeveloped. On the 17th kilometer we reach Koloumbos, a small hill in Akrotiri. It is an isolated sandy beach below Akrotiri. On the 18th kilometer, the junction to the right leads to the area of Pori and in the big church of Panagia Kalou. This church was built in 1650 when the eruption happened. On the 22nd kilometer there is a junction that its left side leads to the beach of Vourvoulos. We will take the right side of the junction that leads to the village of Vourvoulos. It is a graphic but non-tourist village where its inhabitants are still occupied with agriculture. On the 24th kilometer, the left side of the junction leads to the beach of Kontohori or Pigadia (wells). There are wells but the water is brackish. Then we follow the right side of the junction and after 24 kilometers we reach Kontohori, the east settlement of Fira, built in a basin outside the road axis. That's why it is not easily detectible.
Pyrgos: Pyrgos is the village that preserves the characteristics of the old medieval settlement of Santorini. It is built on a knoll, away from the beach and surrounded by walls whose ruins are still preserved inside the village. Pyrgos has innumerable churches some of which are very old.

Prophet Elias: from the square of Pyrgos we take the rising road that leads to the monastery of Prophet Elias. For those who love walking there is the old road with steps. The scenery is constantly changing, depending on the direction of the road. The view towards Kaldera is getting more magnificent as we walk. The crystal routes of the mountain reminds us that we are not only on the top of the highest peak but on the oldest part of Santorini. In the end of the route we come across the monastery of Prophet Elias, which was built in the beginning of 18th century. 

4th ROUTE Kamari- Mesa Vouno. Fira - Mesa Gonia - Kamari - Mesa Vouno. Total kilometers of the route: 25.2 kilometers.

Mesa Gonia: Towards Pyrgos we come across the junction to Mesa Gonia but we by pass it. On the 6.2 km we find the main road to Mesa Gonia and we follow it for one kilometer. Right in front of us stands the village of Mesa Gonia. Although it has few inhabitants, it is one of the most important cattle-breeding villages of Santorini.

Kamari: Northwest and in a distance of 10 kilometers from Fira we come across Kamari. During the ancient times Kamari used to be the seaport and it was called Ia. Many ancient findings have been discovered here. Kamari was quickly developed because of the sea and its beach. It has a beautiful beach that looks to the east with black sand and protected on its south side by the vertical rocky volume of Mesa Vouno.

Mesa Vouno: The ancient Santorini is located in the west side of Mesa Vouno. The place that we are now is called Sellada. When we look the entrance of the archaeological site, there is a path on our right side that leads to Perissa.

5th ROUTE Fira - Perissa. Main Route: Fira- Messaria - Vothonas - Megalohori - Emporio - Perissa. Secondary Route: a) Karterados - Exo Gialos of Karterados. b) Athineos.

From Fira we take the road with the eucalyptus trees. In 4klm we come across Messaria. It is an inland village in the intersection of the main roads of the island. We continue to this road, which rises towards Pyrgos. Right after the intersection we reach the village of Vothonas with 436 inhabitants. It looks like it is an extension of Messaria. Megalohori is a traditional settle-ment with two big hotels and 335 inhabitants. The famous wine factory of Boutaris is situated here.

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