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Santorini History: Information about The History of Santorini Cyclades Greece


 The history of Santorini Santorini

The history of Santorini


Ancient times:

akrotiri sea view

Byzantine period: Santorini became the seat of episcopacy with Dioscouros as the bishop around 3rd century. Since the time of Justinian Santorini was in the metropolis of Rhodes. The Byzantine monument of Santorini is the chapel of Panagia of Episcopi, built by the emperor Alexios I Komninos. 

Venetian domination and recent years: The Venetians arrived in Thyra (Santorini) in 1204. It was a time when the conflict between the dukes of Naxos and the dukes of Santorini begun as well as the efforts of the inhabitants to free the island. The only peaceful time for the island was the time when the duke of Naxos gave it to his daughter for dowry.

However, this did not last long because the uncle of the bride disagreed and he took it back when he was in power. When Santorini was part of the Ottoman Empire everything was peaceful. The inhabitants occupied themselves with trade and made their own naval fleet. In 1821 the naval fleet of the island took the third place in Greece.


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History in Santorini Cyclades Greece - Santorini History
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