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Civilization Paros: Civilization of the island of Paros, Greece, Cyclades

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Civilization Paros, Greece. Paros Civilization : information about the civilization of
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Paros Civilization: Information about the Civilization of Paros

  The inhabitants of Paros love to have fun as all the other islanders. Since the past times, the celebrations were an important part of their lives. Today, the local festivals are something special and unique for Paros and an integral element of its tradition.

These festivities take place during the name-day celebration of the churches of the island. The end of the Orthodox liturgy, means the beginning of entertainment. Musical instruments, local delicacies and good wine are necessary components for a good festivity.
If all of the above are not enough for you, then the traditional dances of the Cycladic island will persuade you for sure. Under the sounds of "tsabouna" and "toumbaki" the locals whirl, showing their dancing abilities in Syrtos and Balos. Traditional festivity with dances and songs, takes place in July, in Naoussa, during the 'Fish' festival. The locals invite all the visitors of the island to eat and drink with them.
  The wine is plentiful in Paros Greece and the smell of fresh fried fish, will sharpen your appetite. Easter in Naoussa is unforgettable, where the traditional ritual of the procession of Epitafios is kept devoutly.

The festivity that takes place on August 15th, in the church of Ekatontapyliani is dedicated to Virgin Mary (Panagia). The same church celebrates again in the festivity dedicated to Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni who, according to tradition, founded the church.


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Paros Civilization: Information about the Civilization of Paros
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