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Naoussa Paros: Paros Naoussa, beach in the island of Paros, Greece, Cyclades

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Paros Naoussa: Information about Naoussa, Paros


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We are choosing the best restaurants, lodgings, hotels and businesses bearing in mind these criteria as well as what the locals and the Internet visitors told us excluding our opinion for those hotels that we think the most of, and we recommend without doubt that you should visit them. In Naoussa you should absolutely visit: Contaratos Beach, Antirides Hotel, Hotel Christina, Alexandros Apartments, Leonardos Apartments,Poulios Apartments and Studios.

About Naoussa Paros

As the night falls, it colours nature with the colours of sundown, we are in Naoussa again, ready to explore it. The road along the coast, runs in front of the fish taverns and the marvelous ouzo-places, which offer local specialities, as "gouna" (sun-dried, salty fish, ideal as a snack), roast octopus that smells delicious and seafood.

In the edge of the wharf, stands the small church of Agios Nikolaos, the patron of the seamen. At the end of the road, there is the Venetian little port of Naoussa and we are in front of one of the most fascinating scenes of our vacations.

The boats roped all around the port, absolutely protected from the north wind of the Aegean Sea while their gentle dandling accompanies our evening open view. . n the edge of the port stand the ruins of Naoussa's fort which was built by the family of Somaripa, around 14th- 15th century. However, there are many more sights in Naousa and its suburbs. Among them, many churches and monasteries.

You can visit a dilapidated church of 12th-13th century in Protoria, the monastery of Agios Andreas to the south, the monastery of Agios Georgios in Merovigli where you can see icons of 17th and 18th century and the catholic chapel of Agios Athanasios' monastery, of 17th century, located in the entrance of the town.

Old icons, of Byzantine and post-Byzantine period can be admired in the Byzantine museum of Naoussa that is housed in the church of Agios Nikolaos of Mostratos. Finally, Naoussa is known for its traditional festivities that take place here, every summer.
There is the fish festival that takes place the first week of July and the Night of the Pirates, on August 23rd where the local young people, in order to exorcise the memories of pirates' raids, dress up with traditional costumes and sing and dance, reviving these raids in the Venetian small port.

Apart from these established festivities in Naousa, many exhibitions of local and foreign artists are welcomed here. Important part plays the presence of local groups of traditional dancing that have won international recognition.

So, Naoussa presents, apart from natural beauty, variety of entertainment and an important cultural movement, representing today's Cycladic culture to its Greek and foreign visitors. Southwest of Naoussa, in the rocky hill of Koukounaries, recent excavations, brought to light the Mycenean palace of Paros which dates back in 13th century BC



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Naoussa Paros: Paros Naoussa, beach in the island of Paros, Greece, Cyclades
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