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The luminous Paros, like a painting in the Aegean Sea, awaits for you to get you drunk with the beauty of its deep blue waters, its dry stone walls, and the simple lines of its mountains, carrying you along in a travel through its picturesque paved alleys, its churches and the magic that springs out of the place.

This dreamy island is located in a distance of only 55 minutes from Athens airport. There are also many charter flights from abroad.

Yet, if you prefer the sweet smell of the sea and the company of dolphins, then you can travel by ship that departs from Piraeus and it only takes 5.5 hours or you can take the modern boats, reducing the time of the distance in 3 hours.

Also, you can depart from the ports of Rafina, Thessalonica, Iraklio of Crete and from the rest of Cyclades, the Dodecanese, and the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea.

Whichever way you choose to travel, the sight of the historical Parikia of Paros where the blue and the white of the houses are joined together in a wonderful combination, will reward you at once, for your choice. The circular roads, the wide whitewashed steps and the sense of bougainvilleas in your hair as you pass through the arches of the yards, create un unrivalled magic that doesn't exist anywhere else.

The Aegean architecture is visible in squares and in small alleys, giving Paros a unique picture. The inhabitants of Paros are open-hearted and hospitable - they have perfectly combined the life and their history with the past in a harmonious structure.

Their houses and lodges, are characterized by simple forms with a particular emphasis to functionalism.

The ceilings are wooden and low and the store rooms are small but practical while their ruling element is the cool yards and the verandas which let the eye wander in the scenery.

The picturesque cobbled roads of Paros, await you to explore them and guide you to small villages that look like they have been taken out from fairy-tales, like the village of Lefkes with the imposing church of Agia Triada and the Folklore Museum, the village of Drios with its Cycladic churches and Marpissa, the village with the white houses - samples of the Cycladic architecture and the astonising sandy beaches of Pounda bay and Pisso Livadi that are full of life and sea sports.


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How to get to Paros


There are continuous daily flights between Paros and Athens. The flights increase during the peak months and decrease during the winter. The flight time is approximately 40 minutes. The airport is 4.3 km from the city of Paros and the transportation of the passengers is done other by Olympic Airways buses, local busses, taxis, and various shuttle buses from the various Hotel Enterprises.
Information: Reservations Olympic Airlines - Athens: 210 9616161
Paros: 02890 22490
Olympic Airways - Paros Airport: 02890 22327
Commercial Airforce at Paros Airport: 02890 23302


From Piraeus: The ferry boats of various passenger liner companies carry out daily trips to Paros. The trip lasts approximately 6,30 hours.
Information Port Authorities Piraeus: 210 4172 657 & 4511 311 Port Authorities - Paros: 22890 21218 From Rafina: The are 3 scheduled trips during the summer and one for the winter. The trip lasts approx. 5,30 hours.
Information: Port Authorities Rafina : 22940 22300 & 28888.
From Thessaloniki: There are 2 ferry trips a week which connects the island with Thessaloniki during the peak season.
Informations : Salonica's Port Authority, tel.: 23010 531505
From Heraklion Crete: 3 weekly trips by boat connect Myron's with Heraklion.
Information: Port Authorities Heraklion: 081 226073.

USEFULL TELEPHONES - Area Code (02890)

O.T.E. (Greek Telecommunications company).: 22499
Health Center.: 23994-5-6-7
Tourism Police.: 22482
Tourist Information Centers.: 23990
Port Authorities.: 22218
Taxi Depot.: 22400
Customs Office.: 22492
Local Bus Center.: 23360
Archeological Museum.: 22325
Folklore museum.: 22591
Rhinias Telephone Center.: 23020
Delos Telephone Center.: 22259