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The greek-tourism tourist guide informs you about the activities, diving centers, beach activities, the best beach bars in Naxos, the sailing and excursions you can attend and ofcourse the nightlife activities of our favorite island, in order to help you make a final decision on visitting and recommend the island to all your friends, endicing them to visit.

We made a choice of the best, on the basis of our criteria, and we took into account what the locals and our internet user members told us, without forgetting our own view of those that seemed to stand out and are worthy visitting.

So we present you detailed information, such as photos, services, menu, specials, prices, categories, contact details, location and offers.

Naxos General Information

Naxos is the biggest island in Cyclades. It has massifs and when the horizon is clear, you can see the Za, the highest mountain of Cyclades (1400 altitude). When you get out of the ship, you meet a town full of life and shops. Fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, cheeses and many other goods, wait for you.
Despite the fact that Aegean Sea is often rough, Naxos has many beaches that remain calm and safe. To know better the island of Naxos, you must walk it around.

Naxos is located to the east of Paros. It's got a circular form and it extends to 430 sq. km. and its coast to 148 km. Its western coastline is more remarkable.
A high mountain chain crosses the island from the north to the south.