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When you will arrive at Naxos, you are going to be impressed by Portara, the entrance of Apollo's temple. This temple was built in the middle of 6th B.C. century, by the tyrant of Naxos, Ligdamis in the region of Palatia. This temple never finished but the region was connected with the tragic story of Ariadnes who was abandoned by Theseus. Here, she met Dionysus who married her. According to an other version from this place, Ariadnes jumped into the sea and she drowned.

Ancient town
North of the port, at the place Grotta, there are till today remains of The Mycenaean ages.

Here, according to excavations it was located the market of the ancient town. A part of this built-up-area it is found today, into the sea.

The Castle

It is undoubtedly the most fascinating area of Chora. Built on the top of a hill, it offers an astonishing view to the sea, particularly the sunset, when they appear the near masses of Paros. Passing through the "Trani Porta" (= great door) you can admire the tower with the embrasures, which are still found in their principial position. Very interesting they are and the castle's houses which date in the 14th and 15th century and they have in their facades enwalled Venetian coats of arms.

In the castle you will see the Venetian church, the building of the School and the residence of the catholic bishop. Near is the ruined palace3 of Markos Sanoudos with his family's coat of arms enwalled in the entrance.

The churches
In Chora there are many remarkable churches (orthodox and catholics), most of them are closed today. Only if you search for the person who's got the key, you may visit them. It is mentioned that there are 45 churches in Chora. From them the oldest is the Panayia Vlaherniotissa with its excellent woodcut temple and precious icons - among them, there are two (Panayia Vlaherniotissa and Profitis Elias) which, was painted the cretan painter Agelos, student of El Greco.

Important icons and a splendid marble temple have also the cathedral (Zoodohos Pigi), built in the area of the ancient market. Its monolithic columns by granite, it is believed that they have been transferred from the Apollo's temple in Delos. Picturesque is also and the small church of Panayia Myrtiotissa in the port, built in a position where you can't see it easily, because of the high masts of yachts.

The monastery of Ayios Ioannis Chrissostomos, 3 km., northeast, it was built in the 17th century. It was renovated the 18th century and took the shape that has today. The saint's icon dates in 1818 and in the chapel of Ayios Nikolaos there are older icons. North of the monastery on a rock, it is situated the small church Theologaki.
Aga's fount

Out of Chora there is the only one Turkish monument.

Belonia's castle
On the road towards Galanado, at the 6th km., southeastern, there was the residence of the Venetian lord of the area. Here, there still is the twin small church of Ayios Ioannis that orthodox and catholics used. You will see enwalled the very beautiful coat of arms of the Belonia's family. The tower impresses everyone with its imposing shape and it offers a panoramic view to Chora.


Archeological Museum

Telephone: 02850 22725

It is housed to the old Commercial School of Jesuits and contains remarkable exhibits: marble cycladic statuettes, vessels, adornment of the Brass' era and Mycenaean ages.
In the museum's yard you will see a lovely mosaic floor of the Hellenistic ages, which shows the Europe's grape by Zeus, transformed in bull. You must see also the marble cycladic statuettes, Kouros and capitals. Cathedral: telephone: 02850 24151

An underground local museum, there is in the heart of the modern town.
It is located in front of the cathedral and among four churches where they were discovered and they were preserved at their positions characteristic ruins (wall, houses and laboratories) at the Mycenaean Naxos (1400 - 1100 B.C.) and family graves of the Geometric era.
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