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In this modern town of the 10.000 population the whole beauty is seemed simple painting. Nafplio there was the first capital town of the younger Greece and of today of Nome Argolida. It is 147 Km. away from Athens.

With the exit from Argos is beginning to form towards your eyes the unique in whole the world icon of the town with the castle - symbol to glass on the water of the Gulf.

The most ancient town of the greek place, which according to the mythology, was founded by him, who first thought the idea of the organization of the humans to towns, Thiseas, building the prehistoric town, Nafplia.


The town is lied strong, concrete, under from the imposing Rocks of Palamidiou, the most thundering and complex Venetian Castle East - at least - Mediterranean, enlarge land from his extension, the castle of Akronafplia (point that obviously was building from the first town of the ancient world), but to the water of the Gulf there are the third castle, Mpourtzi.

Nafplio is not History. It is a town - civilization. Nafplio, Nafplia and Nome Argolida are of the most tourist location of Greece, with tourist movement all the year. In about 1.5 million visitors are passing in every tourist period from here. But the town and the region don't live only from the tourism.

Nafplio has his own economic live, with industries and agricultures productions from the most important in Greece. It is the basic part of the production of citrus fruits to the country, with also respective industry.

The old medieval and neoclassic town, with the stoned roads, the wooden balconies, the boukamvilies to overflow from the internal yards, the ancient fountains the square of Fundamental with the old Turkish Hamam (today cinema-theatre) and Cafe, the everywhere present of Palamidiou to offer you a beautiful felling of security - not from the enemy, but anything it is truth and not to your dream, give you all these the impression of a dreaming scene.

The walk inside the ancient town, make you to feel the need to enjoy with her touching the historical past inside her monuments. You see the home inhabitants, tiger with quietly and you believe that there are poetries, which are not the fantasy of a poet but it is painting.
The walk inside and to the beach, with the beautiful beaches, taverns and restaurants with view the illuminated Bourtzi, is really initiation.


Important are the churches of Nafpliou, like Agiou Spiridona that was building in the begging of 18th century and ahead of it was murdered Ioannis Kapodistrias. The church of Agiou Georgiou (patron saint) was building in 16th century with internal copy the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vicci.

A special architecture work - art is the Catholic Church of Metamorfosi, which in the Venetian period become mosque and to the years of King Othonos was giving to the Catholics of Nafpliou as offer. For your accommodation there are a lot of hotels to the region. You can reach to Nafplio by road from Athens. Also you can use the train.


Useful numbers :

Tourism Office Information
: tel 24444

Tourism Police:
tel 28131

Capital town:
34, Bas. Konstantinou tel 24874

Sq. Ethnosinelefseos, 27269

Kolokotroni & Asklipiou, tel 27309

1, Sidiras Merarhisa tel 24230

2, Polizoidi tel 22121

8, Syggrou tel 27323

Coastland Nea Kios, tel 26400

6, Syggrou tel 24120