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Kos Civilization: Information about the Civilization of Kos

Kos impresses the visitor from the first moment that he sees it, whilst still on the boat. A little later, as he wanders around the spaces of historical and cultural memory, he finds himself in the shade of Hippocrates' plane tree, among the imposing buildings dating from the Ottoman period and that of the Italian occupation of the island. Here he will admire the ancient tree and recall the father of medicine, Hippocrates.
Descending in his car from Antimachia for the city, the picture is quite different. A sunny and open countryside with haystacks in the plains, which stretch down as far as the sea.From the opposite side of Mesaria, reaching as far as the foothills of Mt Dikios, there is a plain with small hills, vines and vrgetable gardens, producing mmainly tomatoes and also a few other garden vegetables, reminders of the island's rich produce of water and honey melons. View of the inside of the Traditional House at Pyli Tobacco and sesame, the main produce of the island's residents in the first post-war years, have now become history, just as the rich produce in tomatoes, with seven tomato puree factories, at one point, is almost history.

The Great growth in tourism means that Kos's recent past of farming and live-stock rearing, is today almost over. The social changes that followed also explain that change which has taken place in the social and economic structure of Kos from a rural to an urban-tourist society. The domographic changes, especially the settlement on the island of populations from other parts of Greece and even from abroad, in order to serve the increased needs of the tourist industry, have changed the social structure of the local population. A population which was made up primarily of indigenous Koans and a few Muslims, who were employed in live-stock rearing.

A multi-cultural population mix of great interest is being invited to take a new role in the history of the island. It is being invited to go forward hand-in-hand with tradition, customs and practices and to guide the island to a new reality. In a place which is aware of its culturale roots, any change can be strong and stable only if it involves a creative absorbtion of outside elements. This should always be a matter of partnership and never never a matter of something new coming to predominate or something old being done away with.
This is why Kos inspires wonder. Because it knows how to evolve.










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