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The greek-tourism tourist guide informs you about the travel agencies in Kerkyra, where you can choose the best rented cars and motos, as well as the best hotels and beaches of the island, in order to help you make a final decision on visitting and recommend the island to all your friends, endicing them to visit.

We made a choice of the best, on the basis of our criteria, and we took into account what the locals and our internet user members told us, without forgetting our own view of those that seemed to stand out and are worthy visitting.

So we present you detailed information, such as photos, services, menu, specials, prices, categories, contact details, location and offers.

Kerkyra General Information

Corfu is the northernmost and second largest island of the Ionian Islands in the Aegean Sea.
With a population density of 193 inhabitants per square kilometer, is among the most densely populated islands in the Mediterranean.

Corfu town, population 28,185 residents, with strong Venetian and Anglo-French elements, offers great attractions such as Pontikonisi, the Cannon and Mon Repo, and remarkable buildings: the English Commissioner's building, the old palace of the Archangel Michael and St. George, the mansion of Kapodistrias, the Metropolitan Palace, the current Town Hall, the building of the Ionian Academy.

Equally important attraction on the outskirts of the city, is the Achillion, the palace of Queen Elizabeth.

On the coast of Corfu one can find dozens of beaches with fine sand (Ai Gordis, Glyfada, Sidari, Acharavi, Paleokastritsa) while inland there are villages of outstanding natural beauty.

Corfu is famous for its musical tradition, from the "serenades" to the famous "Band", which accompanies the procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday. The morning of Holy Saturday, following the Corfiot tradition, the residents of the Old City throw pitchers with water from the balconies, an event symbolizing the "first resurrection" of Christ. The city is famous for its Carnival, accompanied by parades in traditional costumes.

Finally, the cuisine of Corfu is famous for its "pastitsada", the "sofrito", the "bourdeto", the "nougat" and "sesame".
Among the local products are bergamot (for sweets and liqueurs), the gruyere and Corfu butter, olive oil and oregano.