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Rethimno is gifted by nature, God and our ancestors. We invite you to experience the genuine Cretan hospitality in Rethimno.
Share your table with the local people and listen to their stories. Get to know their customs and their ethics. Embrace their warm hospitality, sometimes expressed by a treat of raki, wine or "mezze" and sometimes by a lavish meal in humble households. The people of Rethimno will welcome you with love, they will share their lives with you and they will make you feel right at home.



The Cretan hospitality is not a way to show off, it is not pretentious or a matter of habit. It is simply part of the Cretan lifestyle and an expression of soul.  Besides, nothing belongs to the Cretan people. The Cretan land is their homeland, and this land cannot be owned. With joy and pride, Cretan people accept the fact that they are nothing more than guests in the great palace of their generous father, the Cretan-born Xenios Zeus.

The Municipality of Rethimno is an ideal tourist destination that offers more than the dazzling sun and the blue sea. It offers a beautiful natural environment, a unique culture and history, wonderful cuisine, fresh products and a high quality of life. Rethimno is truly blessed by nature, God and our ancestors.










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