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One of the most famous beaches on Crete is located on the north eastern coast of Lassithi. The beach of Vai is famous for the hundreds of palm trees that line the beach and the route to it. The palm trees create a very tropical setting, and make the beach completely unique when compared to others on the island. According to myth, the palm trees can be attributed to the Phoenicians, who called by here and threw away the pips from the dates that they would eat. The beach is very beautiful and one that every visitor to this part of Crete should pay a visit to if they have the chance.  


One popular destination for travelers is to the Diktaean Cave, which according to mythology was the birthplace of Zeus. This stunning underground cave is one that is simply amazing to visit. The stalagmites and stalactites that have formed in the cave create a truly magical setting. If you visit this cave during the summer months, upon descending, you will feel the temperature drop dramitcally, as though someone has turned on a powerful air condition unit. Another part of the county that you should try and see is the Lassithi plateau. This simply wonderful plateau consists of 12 small communities. Driving along the peaceful roads, you can still see some of the many white water mills that we in operation years ago for water irrigation. Though many have been left to ruins, there are still several that have stood through the test of time, and today still rotate when they pick up a gust of wind.










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