Mylos Beach Restaurant - Beach Bar, Platanias, Chania, Crete

With love for the Cretan cuisine and the Mediterranean nutrition, the owner of Mylos Restaurant is occupied with the food industry since 1989 and operates the restaurant since 2002. At Mylos Restaurant’s cuisine we use pure local materials, oranges cultivated in our own fields and virgin olive oil from our own olive trees. Fast service and low prices are two of the things that will excite you, while the quality of our traditional dishes will make you come back again and again…

Our production of Cretan Olive Oil

In standardised packing from the Union of Cooperatives of Olive-crops Korona, is on market olive oil from our own cultivating that we can supply you at any moment.

Restaurant info:
Mylos Beach Restaurant, Kidonias Str., Platanias, Chania, Crete, Greece
Tel: (+30) 6974 602820 - e-mail:

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