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Which are the criteria for choosing the right hotel? Certainly, the surrounding space, the atmosphere, the reception, the quality and the price.

The tourist guide greek-tourism will help you so that you don't fall into the trap of those hotels that charge the customer based on the circumstances. We will inform you about the hotels that will take care of you and from which you'll be satisfied and recommend the island to all your friends enticing them to visit. This guide considers you as much as the island we all love.

Chania Hotels are located in both the traditional villages and in the beach resorts of Chania area as well as in the Town of Chania. This section is offering a large range of hotels, apartments, traditional houses, villas, studios, rooms, campings and many general informations about Chania.

Chania General Information

Chania capital of the homonym prefecture is located to the western side of the island and it is built to the gorgeous ancient Kydonia, her name becomes from the King Kydona. Her today's name Chania was probable given during the period of Arabian domination of Crete..

A lot of remains and some archeological searches are proving that, to the place of Chania there was a huge built-up area from the neolistic century, which was developed in a big city named Kydonia.

The city splits up to the old city, with Venetian walls, the labyrinthine lanes, the Venetian small streets and the new city which was built the last years far away from the old city with good street layout new buildings squares, streets e.t.c.

The Venetian port and the castle is the view where the visitors first see when he or she arrives to Chania. Chania will compose the starting point to have knowledge of the whole prefecture.

The picturesque sea or the mountainous villages which live in their own way of life, the famous Samaria's ravine one of the most beautiful of Europe, the sheer Leyka Oroi the wonderful beaches of Libiko Pelagos, the virgin sea of Western Crete, the small islands, the dreamy shelters all together compound a landscape of wild nature, full of light and sea which for the fist time capture the visitor and detach the return's promise.