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Corfu Museums: Information about the museums of Corfu


In a city like Corfu with history and cultural inheritance, you can find many museums that preserve the memories and the tradition of the island.

Archeological Museum
It is situated near the coastline of Garitsa and it mainly exhibits statues from the Doric temple of Artemis (590-580 BC), in ancient Corfu, which is situated, according to the archeologists, in the area of Kanoni. One of the most important exhibits is the gigantic stone pediment from the tempel with central theme of the monstrous Gorgo, (17m length and more than 3m height).

Other exhibitions are pieces of vessels from the Stone Age, vessels and tools from the Copper Age, Corinthian vessels and copies from the tombs in Garitsa, coins, parts from the temple's roof in Rhoda, sheets of lead, copper statues from the ancient Classical Arts, an Athenean wash-tub, ceramics from the temple of Hera, earthen statues from the temple of Artemis in Kanoni and many more.



The Museum of Asian Art
It is housed in the palace of Saint Michael and George - a huge neo-classical building in the north side of Spaniada - and unique of its kind in Greece. It includes the collection of the Corfian Diplomat Grigoris Manou (10000 pieces), of the ex-ambassador N. Chatzivasiliou (200 pieces) and the smaller collections of the Diplomats N. Sinioglou and P. Almanachos.

Among its exhibits, there are: brass vessels from China, when it first appeared in history, earthen Chinese vessels from Cheo Time, statues from the dynasty of Chan, small earthen statues that were placed in tombs from the dynasty of Tang, a brass statue of Buda from the dynasty of Sung, small statues, pots and vessels from the golden age of the dynasty of Ming, other small art-works from semi-precious stones, weapons and parts from the suits of Armour of Samurai, masks from the theatre, Indian wood-works representing love scenes and many more.

Byzantine Museum
It is housed in the Church of "Panagia Antibouniotissa" near Kampelio, in Mouragia and it exhibits ancient Christian architectural statues, parts of mosaic floors, Byzantine wall paintings, icons, from 16th-18th century, from different churches of the island.

Museum of bank notes
This unique museum is housed in the building of the Ionian bank and it presents the history of bank note as well as the method of its production.

The Museum of Solomos
It is the house of our national poet, the place where he lived and was inspirited by. It exhibits his furniture, his personal items and photographical and historical material of his life.

The public Gallery
It contains some of the most important works of Ionian painters, of the 19th century as well as works of sculpturing and engraving art. It is situated in the palace of Saint Michael and George.

Reading Society
The Reading Society was founded in 1836 (under English domination) and it is housed in a building of 19th century. It is the oldest spiritual institution of Greece. Its members are the spiritual and art representatives, like Solomos, Kalvos, Mantzaros, Theotokis, Markoras, Lorentzo Mavilis, and many more. It contains 10.000 volumes of the Ionian Literature as well as general interest books. Furthermore, it presents collections of paintings, engravings and old maps, photographs, magazines and newspapers. The Reading Society is very active as far as the exhibitions is concerned. However, in a scientific level, it collaborates with Greek and foreign Universities. Also, it organizes conventions, lectures, seminars and music events.










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