Walking in Athens

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Walking in Athens

Start from Syntagma or Omonia and walk up Akadimias. Notice the street names on plaques high above eye level. When you get to Omirou, Mt. Lycavittos becomes visible. Turn and walk toward the mountain.

The closer you get, the steeper the street becomes, finally changing from smooth asphalt to stairs. The apartment buildings look a bit ritzier in thes part of town. When you come to the street that circles Lycavittos, keep to the left until you find the trail up the mountian.

As you climb, notice the lush green grass interspersed with sisal, giant cacti and feathery needled pine trees. As you near the top, the switchbacks on the trail get closer and closer.

Stop to admire the view of Athens as it sprawls out towards the horizon. Take one last look across the way at the Acropolis, then continue on to the summit.

Walking tour in Athens

The small white Chapel dedicated to St. George sits a stunning 277 meters above the city. Stop in to light a candle.

Buy a small icon or some worry beads from the couple selling trinkets in front of the chapel. Before you leave the summit, order a coffee from an outdoor table.

Take in the views while you rest your legs. Watch the people who have come up the easy way - in the funicular, and give yourself a pat on the back. Choose a different route down the mountain.

As you wander down the trail, keep an eye open for wild turtles that might be lurking in the tall grass.

Walk on until you come to Vasilissis Sofias Street. Cross to the other side and wallk back towards Syntagma Square. When you come to the National Gardens, pop in for a wander through its calm shady paths.

The official version of the garden came into being in the 1840's when Queen Amalia used the Greek navy to bring 15,000 seedlings from around the world. The gardens original landscaper, Friedrich Schmidt also traveled the world in search of exotic plants.

Although the National Gardens are not as fabulous as they once were, they are still one of the most peaceful places in Athens. Give the sad little zoo a pass. Instead, head to the south side to get a close up look at Hadrians Arch and the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Wander back past Syntagma Square and aim for Monostiraki. By now, it must be time for a little lunch at one of the open air cafes or at least a cheese pie from one of the multitude of street vendors.

Now you have all afternoon to lose yourself in the street market atmosphere of Monostiraki.

For more information check Athens areas and districts in the general info page.


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