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Information about Exarchia in Athens


Exarchia, alternatively spelled as Exarcheia and Exarhia, is the name of a neighborhood in downtown Athens, Greece close to the historical building of the National Technical University of Athens. The Exarcheia region is famous as a lair of Greek anarchists.

It took the name from a merchant named Eksarhos who opened a large general store there. Exarchia is bordered on the east by Kolonaki and is framed by Patission, Panepistimiou and Alexandras Avenues.

Exarchia square Athens Greece

Located in Exarcheia is the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the National Technical University of Athens and Strefis hill.

The central square features many cafes and bars with numerous retail computer shops located mainly on Stournari street, also called the Greek Silicon Valley.

Located on Exarchia square is one of the oldest summer cinemas of Athens, called "Vox", as well as the Antonopoulos apartment building, known as the "Blue Building", because of its initial color, which is a typical example of the modernist movement of Greek architecture in the inter war period.

Due to the political and intellectual character of the region, many bookstores are also located in Exarchia.

This neighbourhood used to have a bad reputation, since it was where all the young drug addicts used to meet.

It has now turned into a fashionable, easy-going place attracting mostly young people and inhabited by students (it is located near the university on Panepistimiou Avenue).

Exarchia offers a lot of choices for accommodation, as well as bars and cafes.You will be able to discover some places where you can enjoy the "rebetiko", the Greek underground (the Greek blues) popular music.


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