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Athens Central Market


You can buy just about anything in Athens and even on a purely visual level the city's markets and bazaar areas are worth some hours wandering. Among these markets, don't miss the Athens central market.

You will find it when you go up on Athinas from Monastiraki to Omonia, on your right just past Evripidou.

Athens central market

Athens central market is a great place to save money on food. You’ll find halls of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits from all over Greece.

The market is open Monday through Saturday from about 08:00 to 18:00pm.

This is a great place to buy meat, fish, vegetables, Greek spices and herbs, cheeses and sweets and to see how Athens is fed.

Wear shoes as the floor may be a bit slippery, especially in the fish market. Assuming that a restaurant within the Athens Central Market will have the freshest products available, just about anywhere, we recommend dining in one of the four working class (one is kind of a secret underground restaurant in the vegetable market close to the olive shops), no frills ouzeries and sit down restaurants in the market. Doesn’t matter which one either as you may have to wait in line for a place to sit in these cramped but delicious establishments.

Try the patsas soup. It is made of bull or lamb stomach wall and lamb feet but it is a great hangover killer and good for your blood. Patsas is the working class food and it can be eaten any time of the day.

You will find restaurants serving patsas in almost every Greek town. If you like “life as it is”-photos, don’t forget your camera. You’ll need it.


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