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Mastrozannes Restaurant

The area, just short of Andros, was not easily accessible. Since only one path and the sea ​​could be reached. Early visitors of this small hut-cafe, some anglers xapostainan after "plowing" of the sea and some tourists for adventure. Foreigners who live in cities reached the island on the sailing, snorkeling and some carefree, mostly journalists and artists looking for the promised land!

Poor the "menu" of the era. Without cuisine "restaurant." All were out of the hut. Under a canopy. Over a gkazeria!The pitch was not long been known to "insiders", however. That is why now "keep" even something from the

flavor of that era! The "insiders" from the 78 that opened the path-connecting with the Holy BatsiMarina-succumbed to progress and had to share the "secret" them. The one brought the other. The area changed, filled homes, but not so brutal.

The hut of Mastrozanne changed that. Became a tavern. A tavern on the beach, but the style of 60.With delicious cuisine. with homemade food and fresh fish from his boat brutal CAC-Giannis Giannoulis is, so it is known, son of Mastrozanne, keen fisherman and hunter. On the side, the lovely Maria, wife, the lady of the kitchen, who knows how to not lose anything from the history and traditionthis area.

Of course, the now-Grandma Angela, living image of yesterday, proud and tireless, like then! Present! Everywhere!

In the first steps of the tavern for the welcome, the kitchen and the back part of the historic places, which now has become a part of the old vegetable garden, but still supplies rich mercies kitchen.

For the most part, built a small hotel with five double rooms and five small "suites", with two double rooms each. All rooms "see" the sea and the balcony, visitors can enjoy the sunset with the sun "falls" behind the Gafrionisia the long "arm" of the harbor Gavrio, changing from minute to minute, the colors insplendid scenery of the Aegean. With the "mother-sea", as the grandmother tells Angela to a soothing and be to travel to thousands of destinations ...

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A.Provato, Andros Island, Greece
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