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Aigiali - the port of Aigiali is located on the northern part of the island and it includes the four villages of Tholaria, Langadas, Potamos and Ormos. The beach of Aigiali has very smooth sand and crystal clear waters. Ormos is the newest village as it is located near to the sea, as in the olden days the villages were built away from the sea due to the pirates. Here you will find everything a tourist might need such as hotels, taverns, stores, bars etc. The beach of Ormos stretches out approximately for 1klm and it is one of the few beaches that have trees.

Potamos is located on the south east side of the bay and it is the village with the best view. Until recently someone could only reach this village by foot, but recently they have also created a road.

Our next stop is Langadas, five minutes from Ormos. Langadas is amphitheatrically built and its houses are built under the Cycladic architecture. Here you will find hotels and fish taverns.

The fourth village is Tholaria. It is located near Vigla , at a distance only 3,5 klms from Ormos. Beautiful houses, tiled alleys and arches are its characteristics. Here you will find Hotels, stores, fish taverns and an atmosphere for quite vacations.

At Katapola we come across two villages, Xilokeratidi with the church of the Three Hierarchs and Rihadi with the church of Saint George. The port is approximately 1 nautical mile in length (exactly 1852 meters) and it is the best natural port in the Cyclades. When there is a storm, all the vessels that are in the Southeastern Aegean come to more here. Maybe this is the reason of the cultural development of the island, ever since ancient times.

Katapola was the base for captains of Amorgos, who from the end of the 18th century up until 1950 developed shipping to a great extent and had 40 vessels . 

Minoas is a sight seeing location at Katapola you should visit. It is one of the three ancient cities of Amorgos. Aarcheological researches and excavations are taking place at this moment by Lila Marangou , professor of archeology

Panagia Katapoliani is an ancient Christian monument that is attributed to Pithios Apollon. Evangelistria is a small temple with beautiful architecture from the first Byzantine period in the town of Xylokeratidi that you should make an effort to visit.

Chora - is the capital of the island. The residents of the island chose the location so that the settlement could not be visible from the sea due to the pirate raids of the ancient times. Katapola is the capitals port. 

On the spine of the hill of Chora there area some windmills that give her a special charm. At the central tiled road you will find most of the stores that as situated in Chora. Taverns , ouzeri, souvenir stores, all add to the beauty of the town. Worthwhile seeing in Chora, is the wall with the embrasures at the Castle that was built during the 13th century by Ieremia Gizis and the Tower of Gavras, a building from the 16th century with ancient sculptures and inscriptions, n the center of Chora.

Monastery of Hazoviotissa

There is a tradition that refers to the Monastery o Hazoviotissa. During the years of War of the Icons a devoted widow Irene Melala and her son Christophoros that served as centurion in the Imperial army, lived on the coastal Asia Minor. The mother dreamt that The Virgin Mary came to her and revealed to her that on the following day her son would come to her and ask her to do something unpleasant. Truly the next day her son came to her and told her that it was planned by the Icon warriors to come and indecently assault the icon and set the house on fire.

The mother trusting that the Virgin Mary will enlighten her to make the right decision, wrapped the icon and went secretly to the sea, lighted a light on a boat, put the icon inside and let the boat free with the wish that it will reach a place where the people would appreciate it. Indeed the boat roamed and finally reached Amorgos at the location of Daimonotopos (the name indicates the ferocity of the landscape).

The residents discovered the boat and the icon and understood that it was the choice of the Virgin Mary to build a church in that area. However after they started it's building, everything that they used to build collapsed during the night. Then the master builder begged the Virgin Mary to show him were she wanted him to build her church.


The next day his tools were found on a steep rock at the altitude of 300 meters from the sea. There is were the church was built. The name of the church is Panagia the Kinigimeni or Hozoviotisa. From 1088 up until today Panagai Hozoviotisa is considered the guardian of the island .She is the protector of Amorgos. 

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