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Amorgos is the far most eastern island of the Cyclades and with its oblong shape it seems as thought its there to protect the small eastern Cyclades. It stands proudly in the center of the Aegean Sea and it constitutes the crossroad were the North meets the South. It is the "exodus" of the islands of the eastern Aegean towards the Asian Minor shores.

Amorgos is an island with the cultural inheritance, wild beauty, vast light blue seas and contradictions. Lately the island has known rapid tourist increase, but this has not influenced its inhabitants who have remained loyal to their morals and traditions.

Amorgos is located between Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Anafi, Astipalaia and Kalymnos. Its shape is especially oblong and its length stretches out to 32 klms. The narrowest point is 1klm in width. Its perimeter is 112 klms in length and its area 121 square kilometers.

Amorgos has crystal clear beaches with very deep and light blue seas. The depth of the sea on the south of the island reaches 724 meters. The great depth creates a phenomenon called "antimalos". This is created when the waves break on the shore and violently return inwards where they meets those waves from the opposite direction - when these waves of opposite directions meet we have the phenomenon of "antimalos". It is worthwhile taking a trip around the island by boat to enjoy the beaches that are inaccessible by land.

The capital of Amorgos is the town of Chora. The island has two ports, Katapolos on the west side and Aigiali on the north side of the island. Both ports are linked coastally with Piraeus and in fact have very frequent connections during the summer season.

Amorgos is mountainous and steep. Its tallest mountain is Krikelos and it rises at the height of 821 meters. All the mountains of Amorgos are rocky, steep and tree less. Due to its morphology, a lot of bays and gulfs have been created on the island.

Famous products from the island of Amorgos are its infamous wine, the oil, figs, split peas, grains and fish.
During the ancient times they used to cultivate linen cane and from this they produced the purple robes that were worn by the people of Amorgos and had become of great from Athens and Corinth. There are various historical witnessings about this color and fabric.

The main occupation of locals is fishing, stock farming and the shipping. The last few years a increasing amount of people are getting engaged with tourist occupations, as tourism during the last few years has flourished on the island.

The climate is generally dry. During the summer the heat is toned down by the winds while in the winter, the weather is basically mild except when there area strong winds.

During the ancient years Amorgos was part of continental Greece. The present form of Amorgos was finalized approximately 700,000 years ago, when following some strong earthquakes, parts of the mainland sunk under the surface of the sea. What was left from the mainland created the island mass of Amorgos, evolutions that were also noticed in all the rest of insular Greece.

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