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The evergreen island of the world famous mathematician Pythagoras and the astrophysicist Aristarchos with its large dream-like sandy beaches, its crystal clear deep blue waters, its traditional settlements, its graphic narrow streets and its exquisite passages will offer you an unforgettable vacation. Flooded in vegetation, with its vast unique vineyards, its rich growth and majestic sunrises, is ready to welcome you to its summer excursions and tours.


From Kerki or Kerketea, the tallest mountain in the Aegean the view towards the Cyclades and Dodecanese is unbelievable and at the same time fascinating.

Ideal for the lovers of the natural life and beauty, the trails and the magically picturesque sites, offer themselves to walking and mountain climbing. With ecological, historical and paleontological interest the island would satisfy even the most demanding visitor.


The tradition and folklore through the revival of the various traditions and customs gushes out at every traditional village of the island. It is not accidental that the admiration of the visitors is plentiful when coming across the art of woodcarving that emerge from within the exquisite iconostasis present at the churches, the impressive workmanship of the icon paintings and the ecclesiastical architecture.

The architecture and the immeasurable good-natured hospitality of the inhabitants convert the island in a summer refuge of pleasure and leisure.


With an area of 476 sq. klms, a coastline of 159 klms, and a population of approx 42.000 inhabitants this island is situated very near the coastline of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by multileveled strait of approx.1300 meters in width. The highest mountains of the Aegean are found in Samos, some of which are, the mountain range of Kerkis, with an altitude of 1434 meters, which due to the many ravines and concealed slopes is inaccessible. Mount Karbounis at the center of the island, with an altitude of 1160 meters and followed by the offshoots of Chondros, Kaprovouni, Bournias and Thio.

The mainland plains are consisted of many significant plains, Mesokambos, the plain of Blamaris near to Bathi and the plain of Karlovasio at the Northeastern side of the island. The most important capes are the ones of Praso, Kotsikas, Schinos, Gourlotes, Pefkos, Arapis, Asprokambos and Fonias. Surrounding the island you can find the small islands of Daskalio, Prasonisi, Diapori, Makronisi, Strogilo, and Petrokaravo.


Even though Samos is very green and mountainous with exquisite rich vegetation, its climate is that of a sea surrounded area, with mild winters and cool summers. Due to its terrain and exceptional climate, the island produces agricultural, fish, wood, and minerals products.

Standing out from all of these are its vineyards and wine, the well-known Moschato or as the ancients called it " the anthosmias - the beautifully scented " is also exported to France. Their honey and oil is also exquisite.

Wine making prospers on the island, with characteristically large and modern wine making installations in Karlovasi and in Malegari. Also flourishing is the production of oil and soap.

The capital of the island is situated at the harbor and stretches out to a picturesque cove and an ever green bay from which it got its name, due to the existence of an old village known as Vathi. The city is amphitheatrically built with neoclassic buildings, old mansions, graphic back streets and traditional houses that state the wealth, nobility and superiority of the island. In the city, the square of Pythagoras, stands out with its marble lion. Also you can see the old mansion of the parliament, which up to this day houses the town hall with the municipal art gallery. Leaving the city behind we would recommend that you take a glimpse the regiment of the sculptor Genelo, copy of which exists in its original position at Iraio, the wooden sculptures in the archaic temple of the Goddess Ira, the cooper sculpture of the head of a bull from the 7th century , the clay figures from Cyprus and the heads of the vultures, are unique samples of Samos copper art.

The sight seeing of the island includes, the Art Gallery with historic relics of the island dating back to the revolution of 1821, the constitution of the island and portraits of its royals. In the small church of Saint John an exquisite sample of post-Byzantine archeology can be found.

For swimming we recommend the pebbly beaches of Gakos and Roditses while outside of the city the beaches of Psili Ammos, Kerveli, Klima and Poseidon are worth visiting.

Don't forget to attend the local festivities, at the open air festival of Saint Nikolas and Saint Spiridona on the 6th and 12th of December respectively. At these festivals a unique local recipe "giorti" is offered to the visitors, which is made from meat and wheat.

On the 6th of August the victory against the Turks is celebrated, at the wine celebration that take place at Pythagorio. Celebrations take place on the 8th of September at the Monastery of the Virgin Mary and on the 13th of September at the Monastery of Timios Stavros. Also remarkable is the revival of the local customs during the Apokries (Greek Carnival time).

The beaches of the island are famous for their majestic landscapes, their dazzling sandy shorelines and their crystal clear blue waters, in combination with its evergreen surroundings. Standing out are, the beaches of Saint Constantine, Votsalakia, Avlakia, Potami, the Small and Large Saitani and the beach at Marathokambos bay.


Furthermore Kokkari the most graphic fish harbor of the island, the pure white beach of Lemonakia, the beaches of Potokaki and Samiopoula a charming small island on the most Southern shores of the island.

The visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of their liking and at the same time enjoy their vacation on the island. The beaches offer themselves to wind surfing and many other water sports, while many hotels are equipped with tennis fields. The amazingly pictorial fishing areas that are spread out through out the island will fascinate the fishing fans. North of Vathi you will find a complex of small little islands, Prasonisi, St Nikolaos, Diaporti, Strogylo, and Makronisi.

On the eastern shores of the island Dafnes, Melissovraha, Kerbelis bay, and the shores of Hondro Vouno while south you can find Poseidonio, at the strait between Samos and Turkey and the shores of Kiriakou. Also south of Iraion close to the islet of Samiopoula are the beaches of Spatharaion. West you will find Katergo, Palaiochori, the Plakes, Small and Large Pounta and St Isidoros. Finally north we recommend the location of Krunder between St Konstantinos and Karlovasi and the region or theWater reservoir close to Kokkari.

You will find many Rental rooms, apartments and hotel resorts, which offer luxury during your stay, together with organized beaches, athletic installations, parking, garages, restaurants and nightclubs. The food is offered generously in every graphic tavern and restaurant with amazing local specialties, Greek and International cuisine, and ready to satisfy every gastronomical quest. Standing out is the "Kes-Kes", which is made with wheat and is offered either on its own or is together with loukoumades (Greek doughnuts).

Your pleasant stay on the island will be accompanied by entertaintment, which is apparent at the beachfront tourist centers, like the town of Samos, Pithagorio, Karlovasi, Kokkari, and Marathokambos Bay. In all these locations you can find nightclubs, discotheques, clubs that can satisfy your every musical and dancing choice.

We believe that the island will manage to fascinate and offer you an unforgettable vacation full of leisure and delight.

How to reach there

By AIR: Olympic Airlines carries out daily schedules for Samos the throughout the whole year. The trip takes about 45 minutes. For more information call the Olympic Airlines.

BY FERRY: With a ferryboat from Piraeus toward Samos and Karlovasi there are many scheduled trips that last approximately 12 hours. From Samos, you can go to Ikaria, to Fournous, to Syros and even to Chios, Mitilini, Limnos, Kavala, Dodecanese, Sitia and Saint Nicholas. For more information talk to the port authorities and travel agencies at Piraeus.

USEFULL TELEPHONES - Samos area code: (22730)

First Aid: 27407
General Hospital: 27980
Port authority : 27318-27890
Police: 27404-27980
Town Hall: 27340-28582
Tourist Office: 28530
Prefecture: 27722
Olympic Airlines: 61219
Taxi: 28404
OTE -Telephone company: 28499
Post Office: 27304
Buss Depot: 27262

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