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Laki has houses build in a special architectical way and thy are realy like the decoration. Its harbor is made by the natur and the people just interfared to make it better its shape. Its architechnical style is influenced by the Italians and it is a rarity of its kind. It is just 4 kilometres away from "Platanos" and it ipresses everyone, who is visiting it.

Its touristik system is very obvious with the first sight and it contains a big block of hotels, imposand restaurants and cool entertainment centres. Civilization and tradition go hand in hand and they open the way to everyone, who wants to explore Lakki.

The church of "Agios Ioannis Theologos" is of the Byzantinic time. It was build araound the 11th century and it is fully of mosaic of best art. There you can burn a candle and you can pray in a religiose atmosphere.

Is there a valley in an island? Yes! It is the correct answer, if you think of Xirokampo. The houses have as theier company the zypresses, the almonds and the many colors that only the flowers know to offer. The old and the new gotten maried and they created an incretible compination, that you can not resist to. You can lie down in the sand and get some of the specialities that the unique tast of ouzo knows to heighten.

A small island


If you want to see a burg that is alive langer than the burg of "Panagia", then get the route, that leads to the burg "Ton Lepidon". The ruins of an acropolis of the ancient time were the basis to get build, while the environment of it is very simple and at the same time very grand.

The picturesqueness in its glory is in the ancorage of "Panteli". In the morning it is a quite island with its white houses to glance
in the sunshine and without witnessing anything for the metamorphosis, that is beiing done in the evening for its night life.

It happens when the candles shine at night and the music is going around in the atmosphere challenging the visitors in its rythmes.
In "Krithoni" the green areas fully of churches and houses are the characteristics. It is an ideal place to get rest, but it does not mean that it does not have the needed comfort for its touristic systems.

It is beiing considered as one of the most beautifull areas of Leros, and that is why it has goten this title. In the area of "Alindon" the green is the big dominator, because it takes the biggest part of the area. The houses and the touristic systems are developed in the biggest point, offering to the visitors comfort of any kind. Nothing can be missing. There are the colorfull areas and the chystal beaches and also the traditional taverns with the fresh fish, beiing the prospect of the cuisine of Leros and the flower vocambilia giving its red color.

The history and the folklore of Leros will be offered to you when you are going to visite the museum that is in the tower of "Mpeleni". It is going for an imposant manor especialy cared for, that it includes on it many of the secrets of the daily life of its inhabitans. If you visite the island about the beginning of August, you are going to see also the festivals that are organized to be done in the yard of the tower.

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