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If your direction is going to the beaches of Marikies and are going to find a calm atmosphere in a magic area from that you can not have enough of and you can not admire enough.

The beaches of Marikies and Koulouki

You are going to leave the sunshin to caress you tenderly and you will be driven to dream of dreams that can also get fullfieled.

To the ideal area of Xirocampos is beeing added the magic beach. It is a sandy beach and it is beiing considered to be enchantress. You can get rest in the warm sand having the shadow of "armirikia" and you can swimm in its clean water. If you do not like the peacefull life and prefer something more intensive and lively, then you have to try the emotion, that is beiing offered by the diving with the bottles. And if you like it very much you have to sign up in the diving school.

The ideal area of Xirocampos

In "Bourlidia" you can enjoy water like crystal and the lacely beaches. You are going to get fascinated by the combination of the sand and the rocks that is beiing offered by the beaches and for sure you will not easily take leave of this beaches.

Pebble and goldy sand is a compination that brings to everyone nice emotions. Diving in the clear water and direct afterwards "diving" in the world of the greek food. This is the best in the beach of Vromomilo.

If you don't like deep water and you like the sand in green and black colors, then your beach is the beach of "Gourna". There you are going to play with your ball and if the wind pushes it into the water you will prefer not to swim but to run into the sea to get it.

The beauties of the area "Alinda" are many. Among them is also the sandy beach, where you can have whatever seasport you would like and also the romantic beach "Krifo" for special moments. Look for it and you are going to find it.

The taverns in "Mplefouti" that are aligned one after another in the beach compete to the beautifull sea, in the game of who is going to have more funs. Be sure that also you are going to have difficulties to take a decition. However, we recomande both of them, because they are an incretible combination.

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