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All the areas of Leros are beautiful and you will have the change to find out the reason, when you go there. In "Xirokampos" you will see a small village just beside the sea and you are going to meet a marvellous burg "ton Lepidon". If you just move your sight a little bit, you are going to see the "Glaronisia" to "say hello!" from the entrance to the ancorage.

The ancorage "Panteli" offers you the harmony of its houses and the best tast of its fresh fishes and it is ready to become your resource. Just a little bit further in "Vromomilo" you can enjoy the calmness, that everybody is seeking to attain.

Alinda is an area where the pine trees and the oil trees are spread out in a unique view and it has cool water. It is one of the most loved places of the visitors for two reasons, one because of its natural beauty and second because of the journey in the past, that is beeing offered in the historical and folklore museum that is in the tower of Mpeleni.

This impressive tower is the glory of the area and also the decoration of the whole island. Leros is an island very appropriate for tours and excursions of areas that fascinate with their simplicity of is physical environment.

It is fully of ancorages that combine the simple site and the comfort of the modern world.

Small village

This is the case in "Partheni" where supposingly was the temple of the goddess Artemis, either in "Gourna' or in "Mplefouti". Those are ideal places that are very well cared for from the mother-natur and that have the possibility to fascinate everyone, who sees them for the very first time.

Though the beauties of Leros are not beeing restrict from the endless fantasy of the natur but they include also the magic, that only the quinn of the fluid element could give: the Sea. Endless are the beaches that ornate this island. There are some wild and lonely beaches for special moments and some cosmopolitan and organized ones with every comfort you can think of.

There is something to find for all the tastes. If you want to get rest in the warm sunshine then go to Koulouki, to Merikies, to Gourna, to Bafouti. In the other hand if you want to be by your self then you have to look for baeches like Krifos. And for sure you are going to find out, that it is not the only one.

The beaches of Xirokampos, of Panteli, of Vromomilos and of Alinton show another face, where you can swime and also you can enjoy the reachness of the deep of the sea by diving and also through the expierience that offers the windsurfing and the Jet ski. If you like the adventure but not in the water, then choose the walking. So you can enjoy the flora and you will have the possibility to meet some members of the animal families. So take your hat, get your oil for the sun, get your sportshoes and start the excursions.


Leros is an island that is beeing offered to you to concure it the way you want and whatever time you wish, either during the day, or at night. And this is because, despite of the excursions in the land or sea beauties of the island, there are also the excursions in the specialties ot its cuisine.

There are many taverns and the food is tradional and tastefully. Wherever you are going to seat your are going to enjoy original greek couisine, like the inhabitants of Leros represent it, and for sure it is not missing the international one.

Fish is the best tast of its couisine and also the same tastefull are "toursi chtapodaki" and "achinosalata".

And when you finish your meal it is time for the dessert. The ideal would be to have in the stomach enough place for all of them. But if it is not the case, then choose between "pougakia", "svigous" and "xerotigana". If you wish fruids, then we recomande you "gavafes", a tropical fruid that grows exclusively in Leros.

And when it is time to burn some calories from the food, then get ready for your night life. The entertainment in the island can get many faces. It could be just a drink in a quite greek bar, accompaigned with the perfume of the nightflowers, until the crazy dance with greek and international hits.

But the way for the entertainment does not finish here. It continues, if you follow the celebrations and the festivals that happen every year in the island. You will meet the people there to animate you with theier joy for dancing and to challenge you to follow them to the traditional dances.

Whatever you do at the end you are going to go back to your acomandation. Either it is a room in one of the very mondern hotel blocks with the endles comforts that they offer, or it is a room to let with the personal style of the owner, the quarantee for unforgatable vacations in a magic place is for sure.

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