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The heart of the island is in "Agia Marina". It is the Capital City and in the same time also the center of the whole island Leros. The City is build in an amphitheatrical way and it gives you the panoramic picture, where dominate the unique in their kind houses, build in the time when the Italians were in the island with the colorfull small windows, and the imposand statelies.

You are going through the ways with the most traffic of the area "Platanos" and you are going to be impressed by the colors and the view that is being offered by the adornment of the area: the most beautifull burg of "Panagia".

The burg looks like a guard, who is protecting the whole island. It is from the time of Byzantion and it stays stabil there from the time of the Knights of "Agios Ioannis" and of the Enetians.

For that time was was the burg an alcazar against theirruptions. In order to get the pleasure to be near it, there are two ways: Either you use the comfortability of the car, or you climb by foot to the top despite the tiredness of the climbing. If you get confused by the countig of the staires we inform you they are 500.

There could not be a burg without its Churche. So very close to it, there is the Church of "Panagia". It has a unique religious importance for the inhabitans of the island and it consists of the copy-book higiographies.

The old castle

The Content of the Museum of the Church consists of Books and Handwritings of rare collecting value and also objects that are connected to the Mass in the Church. Like all the other islands so also Leros has its own Museum. It is in a building in a newclassical style and it contains exhibits of high worth.

The entrage to the port of "Agia Marina" is decorated with Broutzi. Brouzi is a beautifull alcazar of the roman time and it is direct underneath the burg "Panagias".

The acquaintance to the inhabitans of Leros is very easy. It becomes more easy, when you visit the "Leriaki Leschi" (Club of Leros). It is a cafe that serves the coffee in a very traditional way.

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