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The taste in Leros has its distinction. Compined with the unique traditional small taverns, that made the taste to an art, they create a pleasure that remains for longer time in the memory of all the visitors. The "mezedes" of fish is that, what dominates wherever you go. So you are challenged to taste the fantastic Kolios and the increasable fouskies, which you are not going to find easily somewhere else.

You can not think of the leric cuisine without fish with "dendrolibanon". It typifies the taste, that there is not any similar to this. It is being cooced by the inhabitants of the island here and it is being offered with a warm smile.

The local "mizithra" is one of the most known products of Lero. So it is worth to taste it and to feel its uniqueness.

Now it is time for dessert. So say the magic words "pougakia", "sviggous" and "xerotigana" and start your journey to the mastery of the lerice cuisine. It will remain unforgettable to you.


If you prefer the fruits of the candies, then there is one choice. It is called "gavares" and it choosed the place of Leros to be produced.

Do you like something in liquid to sweeten your stomach? You have to order imidiately the "diasogala". If you know already "sioumada" then we inform you it is something similar. If you don't know it, then drink just a little bit of this sweet drink and we are sure you are going to become a fan of it.

Despite of the known small taverns with the traditional simplicity of the island, the restaurants in Leros are not quite few, that have a particularly cared of atmosphere. You can there enjoy your food in an environment of high class.

At night Leros gets dressed with its celebretical cloths and it becomes another person, magic as well. It gets dressed with its polychromatic lights and it fascinates everybody. It offers everything to the entertainment and the only thing it is seeking, is you to have a nice time. And you are going to have a nice time, wherevere you choose to go.

You are not going to miss the small bars on the island. There are many of them and they offer many kinds of music. You are going to herar rythmic songs, that prepossess you friendly for the night that follows and also for greek and other melodies, that create a romantic mood. Choose one of the small tables that are besides the sea and enjoy your drink that is accompagnied with the wind from the sea breeze.

If we say greek island without feast it is like we would say Greece without sunshine and boundless sea. So Leros is coming to verify this dominating meaning. Every summer from the 15th of July until the 30th of August there are organized in the island feasts and other merriments, where you will have the possibility to see the Lerians to show theier dancing skills and to involve also you in a unique pleasure that finishes in the first morning hours.


But it is not only the dancing where the inhabitans of Leros have big skills. The civil actions include music and theatre performances and also lectures of diferent subjects.

Whatever you choose to do, we suggest you to try to see everything, because it is realy worth to do it.

Since 1992 in the area of Alinton are beeing performed the "Nautathlitikoi games". They have another name "Alintia" and they have as their subject almost all the agonistics, that are somehow connected to the wet item.

So in the programm are included the paddle, the diving and also the classical swimming.

When it is the time to go back, then there is the sadness the dominant feeling, because you leave behind you the place, that it gave to you hospitality for shurt or longe time. If your are not going to choose to stay for ever on the island of Leros and you didn't loose the ticket for going back, then do not forget to get some honey as a souvenir whith its excellent aroma and also the special "myzithra" that will accompagne your food with its unique taste of Leros.

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