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Kos is an island of majestic beauty, lying in the centre of the Dodecanese chain in the Aegean Sea. ("Dodecanese" in Greek means "twelve islands"). Lying north west of Rhodes and south east of continental Greece, Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanese Islands after Rhodes and Karpathos.

Besides it's natural beauty and it's breath taking golden sandy beaches, Kos is steeped in monuments, remnants from its glorious past, dating from antiquity, the Byzantine Era and Venetian times up to the present.

Kos is basically a large, long narrow plain and measures 290.27 square kilometres, with the obvious exception of a mountainous region in the north west of the island.

The islanders make their living from fishing, animal farming, and agriculture but by far the tourist trade has taken over. Kos has become a modern centre of extremely well maintained holiday apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs and organized excursions. Kos has so much to offer that it can cater to each individual taste for an unforgettable holiday.


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How to get to Kos


Olympic Airways. From Attica (airport "ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS") to Kos, flights are transacted the entire year.
Informations. OA Athens, tel.: 210 9666666
Telecommunications : 144


From Piraeus to Kos, itineraries for the entire year.
Informations : Piraeus' Port Authority, tel.: 210 4226000 - 4, 210 4125155, 210 4119164, 210 4137676, Telecommunications: 143
From Salonica to Kos, itineraries for the entire year.
Informations : Salonica's Port Authority, tel.: 23010 531505


AEGEAN JETS. From Piraeus to Kos there are frequent itineraries in summer and occasional in winter.
Informations: Piraeus' Agency, tel.: 210 4224980
MINOAN. (possibility of cars' carriage). From Piraeus to Kos, there are itineraries almost for the entire year.
Informations: Piraeus' Agency, tel.: 210 419900
From Athens - terminal at Pedio Areos - To Rafina there are itineraries by buses. Distance 27 km.
Informations: Buses (KTEL) of Athens, tel.: 210 8210872.

From Kos to..


With Aegean Airways, Kos is connected with Athens, informations : AA Kos, tel.: +30 22420 51654


With the Blue Star Ferries line from Piraeus, Kos is connected the summer months with Rhodes, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Patmos and Tilos.
With the Dodekanissos seaways intercom lines of Aegean's islands, Kos is connected for the entire year with Rhodes, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Patmos, Tilos, Astypalaia, Symi and Leros.
With the line Heraclio - Aegean's islands - Salonica , Kos is connected the summer months with Mykonos, Santorini, Syros, Crete (Heraclio) and Salonica.
Informations: Kos' Port Authority, tel.: 22420 26594-6 / Blue Star Ferries: 22420 28914, 48400 / Dodekanissos seaways: 22420 29900


With Aegean Speedboats, Kos is connected almost the entire year with Amorgos, Ios, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and Crete (Heraclio).
Informations: Kos' Port Agency, tel.: 22420 26594-6.