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Kampos offers a unique view to all its visitors. Through the thick foliages of the trees with their wonderful smells of orange, lemon and tangerine, you will see mansions and towers standing imperiously in time. The inhabitants of Chios and the Genoans had chosen this area to build their private palaces. Through the vast areas that surround them, the palaces remind us of the old times of wealth and glamour.

Your walk in Kampos can be perfectly combined with a visit in the church of Panagia Krina, a copy of the Catholic church of Nea Moni, built in Byzantine times, 802 years ago, where its decorating painting is a especial sight.


Among the olive trees and the flowers of all kinds, the villages of Kampos appear. Each one of these has its own beauty and style and all together compose a magical picture. It is necessary to make a stop in the village of Chalkio. It is said that its name derived from the occupation of its inhabitants (something to do with irons). Another version is that it took its name from the color of the copper (copper = chalkos) that can be found in its ground.

Peace is the greatest gift that the village Kataraktis can offer you. It is fishing - village that embraces all the visitors with warmth. One of the oldest villages mastic making is the village of Nenita. You will get there if you cover a distance of 20 km.from the town.

If you want to walk among narrow streets and stone houses letting your eyes wander in the view that extends in front of you, then you should take the road to the village of Vouno. All these things that we have mentioned earlier are the main characteristics of the island but not the only. We let you explore the rest.


The stone of Thimiana

A marvelous landscape and one of the most famous villages of Chios is Thimiana. It belongs to municipality of Agios Minas and took its name from the famous stone quarries that produce the stone of Thimiana, in brown color. From this stone, many of the cottages and several churches have been constructed by.

Among them, the church of Aghios Ephstratios, which stands out for its beauty owed to the stone of Thimiana. There, you are going to relax feeling the divine atmosphere that surrounds the church.

The village Nechori has not had a long history compared to the monastery of Aghios Minas where the slaughtering of 3000 refugees, on April 1822 took place. Its picturesque cobbled roads will become the path for your walks in nature’s arms.

Representative of medieval village is Kalamoti, one of the largest mastic- making villages. The thing that will surely impress you is the dialect of its inhabitants where in combination with the rest of the landscape, transports you into another age.

It seems like it has come out of the canvass of some painter and adorns with its unique aesthetic the green landscape of the nature.


In Pyrghi, you can enjoy a different style of architecture that is not created by a famous person but by the labour and love of its inhabitants. There are many settlements of that kind which you haven’t seen before. Here, the houses are not decorated only from inside but also from the outside. It’s a traditional technique with fork and chisel that gives a different appearance to the houses that look like a postcard. The portrait of the houses is completed by the feast of colors, which the various kinds of flowers can give. It is a place that looks like a dream and yet it is real. 

A small church

It is worth visiting the church of Aghioi Apostoli, which was built in the 12th century and beautifies the village Pyrghi. Its hagiographies are by an unknown artist, something that does not decrease their value. Houses built next to each other, narrow streets and vaulted stone arches, are the main characteristics of the village of Olympi. It is 6 km away from Pyrghi and it’s got a defensive style since it used to be a castle in the old times.

When you pass the doorstep of Kastroporta (castle door) of the village of Mesta, you will feel like the protagonists of an old movie. You’ll walk in the cobbled roads and through the arches and you’ll listen the characteristic accent of the inhabitants. It’s an ordinary castle-village that has kept its unique style and its local traditions.


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