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Chios is known not only because it is found closer to the coasts of Asia Minor but also because it has one of the most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your dives. It is Vokaria and waits for you. The seafood ‘parades’ in Agios Giannis of Gridion. You’ll find there whatever you like. It’s the perfect place for those who love swimming and excursions as well. If you don’t like the sense of the sand that sticks on your body then your beach is Agia Fotini.

Beach Vokaria

Its black-and-white pebbles will charm you and will make you a loyal fun of it and you will want to leave the blue waters for anything. Megas Limionas has been created by the mastery art of nature for a single purpose: your pleasure.

It is a picturesque beach and it’s offered for swimming and romantic walks. If you like to swim in crowded beaches then you have to go to the beach of Karfa. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios that combines shallow waters and sandy golden beach.

Many people like variegation, while others like the existence of one color, which in their opinion gives a unique sense. So, if you belong in the second category then the beach “Mavra Volia” or “Mavra Liladia” will become your ideal place. It is covered in black pebbles that came from an explosion made by the volcano of Psarona.

The beaches of Kato Fana, Potami and Agia Dinami (= holy power) are splendid. They do not attract many people. So, you are free to enjoy the clear waters and relaxation, staring the blue color of the sea. Red is the color that dominates in the beach of “Mavri”. 

Beach of Karfa

Beach of Lithi

Accompanied by the green vegetation, you will make your dives in the clear waters and let yourselves in the hot arms of the sun. If you visit the beach of Lithi you are going to enjoy all the above and the calmness of nature.

One of the most famous beaches of Chios is Elinda, a small port created by nature’s inexhaustible imagination. One of the cleanest and most organized beaches of the island is the bay Lo. There, you can try all kinds of water sport that you like and enjoy the tasty snacks offered in the restaurant.

It is very relaxing to lie down on the beach under the umbrella, listening to the waves. It is a sensation that you want to feel again and again. In the beach of Daskalopetra you can enjoy this type of relaxation for as long as you want. Nagos with the aquamarine waters is one of the favorite beaches of all the visitors. 

Passalimani must remind you of Piraeus, if you come from Greece. Visiting it you’ll realize that there is nothing in common but the name. The scenery that you will come across there will be different from what you have in mind.


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