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The capital of the island takes you to a travel in time. The ticket for the time machine is the Southern Gate of the castle. It is a Byzantine building of the 9th century, situated on the right side of the port.

There, you can see wall paintings and mosaics of Byzantine and post-Byzantine period. The church of Agios Georgios, Kria Vrissi, the Turkish baths and Koules are some of the sights that will make your vacations unforgettable.

In Tzami you will have the chance to see exhibits from the archaeological excavations by the Byzantine and recent years and objects from Muslim monuments. Each room turns you back in time.

Castle, Byzantine building of 9th century

Statue Korai, Library

A walk in the cobbled roads of Chios, gives you a taste of the local life. There, you can wander in the old commercial road and go for window-shopping. It will be difficult to avoid the consuming breath that flies in the air. That’s why, this street it’s called Aplotaria. Because the salesmen are laying their goods on the street. (Lay = aplono).

The 3rd, in size, library in Greece is situated in the island of Chios and has opened its doors to welcome and guide you inside. It is the library of Korais and contains 150,000 volumes.

Among them, there are rare books from Adamantios Korais’ collection and an archive with the history of Chios. The National and Folklore Museum is housed in the same building. There, you can admire the local costumes of the villages and the handmade art of the inhabitants from the various textiles and embroideries.

One of the most beautiful places is the Archaeological Museum of Chios, where you can find a copy of the house of the daughter of Chios, and a letter of great importance, from Alexander the Great, in 332 BC, to the inhabitants of Chios.


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