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As far as the size of the island is concerned, we can place it in the 5th position but certainly will take the 1st in your heart. The island has innumerable beauties and invites you to explore it. The homeland of Giannis Psicharis, Adamantios Korais, Emmanuel Rhoidis and Giorgos Souris, is a fantastic place with charming landscapes of unique beauty. Along with Psara and Oinousses, constitute the prefecture of Chios that is washed by the Aegean Sea.

Airplanes and steamboats help your transference to Chios. So, the only thing you have to do is to book the tickets. The sweet breeze of the Aegean Sea will accompany you on the deck or on the other hand, the view of a flight until you reach the island of Chios. This island with the ten exquisite municipalities is ideal for your vacations. 

The island has everything. From valleys with flowers, orange and lemon trees that make you drunk from their fragrance to picturesque small or big villages with strange alleys and long beaches with golden sand and strangely colored pebbles.

Its traditional settlements will make you love it. Many of these, are built in medieval architectural style of incomparable beauty.

According to the historical records, Chios has probably taken its name from the nymph Chiona or because it was snowing (snow=chioni) a lot, when Chios, the son of Poseidon, was born. However, there is another version, which says that the name Chios means mastic, in the Syrian language. Despite the fact that we don’t know which version is the real one, this did not change the course of the history of the island in the centuries. Chios was inhabited, for the first time, 6000 years ago.

Island of Chios

 The prosperity that enjoys Chios in navigation is considered to be one of the most basic elements of its financial section, as 1/3 and more of its inhabitants are sailors. However, it’s worth mentioning that “prosperity” was already known to Chios, during the Byzantine years as well, thanks to its geographical position and its handicraft tradition. Several enemies certainly, prevented its brilliant course in the centuries. In 1822, Turks slaughtered the inhabitants of Chios, causing depopulation.

Agia Markella

The historical elements of Chios are as many as its beauties. The Chora of the island can be characterized as the center of its civilization. There you will spend many hours visiting all the sights that adorn it. One of these is the castle that along with the southern gate, the Turkish baths and Kria Vrissi shows you the way to the old times.

When you finish your time travel, then it will be time to visit Tzami and enjoy the sculptures and findings of Byzantine and post-Byzantine era and a large number of collections that come from archaeological excavations.

But the tour in the city does not end here. You should also visit the cathedral of Agioi Victores, the sublime building of Chios’ high school and the famous Library of Korais, where many rare collections of books and documents are kept there. If now you have the curiosity to find out more about the local costumes of the island and have a bit of taste of its tradition, then you have to guide yourselves on the first floor of the same building where the National and Folklore museum of Arghentis’ club is situated.

Walking in the center of the island, you should visit the Archaeological museum where you will have the chance to see the wonderful daughter of Chios, in copy. The busiest street of the island is called Aplotaria where the shops are one next to the other and offer to you whatever you desire.

Leaving the noisy but very impressive center of Chora, it’s time to get your sport shoes and take the road to Kampos. The smells there are wonderful as there are many tangerines, orange, lemon and sour orange trees. The settlements that adorn the skirts of Chios are many and each one of them has its own style. You should visit the picturesque town of Vrontados and enjoy the medieval castle in Volissos with the protector saint of the island Agia Markella. Then you can walk in the arcades of the village of Mesta, under the observant eye of the locals.

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