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The night in the island has spread its wings and waits to show you Chios by night. According to your preferences, you can choose the place for an unforgettable evening. The choices are many and none of you will be displeased. You can enjoy gentle melodies under the candlelight, ballads or loud music and dance until morning.


You will not find taverns in Chios without traditional snacks and excellent cooking. You are in one of the islands with the most “tasty” food. The atmosphere in the taverns is fantastic and the only thing you have to do, is open the menu catalogue and choose what you like. Grilled-fish on coals, homemade pies, meatballs, prawns and sardines in sauce, are some of the dishes you have to taste. You have to try ouzo, retsina or if you want to taste something different, ask for “souma”.

The festivals in the villages are part of the traditional life of the island. The carnival in Thimina is celebrated in a special way. It takes place in “Mostra”. The carnival attracts all the inhabitants of Chios and creates a unique atmosphere with lots of fun. 

The carnival is also celebrated in Mesta, where “Aghas” takes place. It is a celebration in which the young people are dressed in very beautiful local costumes and take part in some of the shows. The monastery of Agia Markela, attracts many people, on July 22nd, for the festivities that take place there. If you are in Chios, on August 15th, don’t miss the festival in Pyrghi, where you will enjoy the music and the locals will introduce you to their local dance “Pyrghoussiko”.


Before leaving the island, don’t forget to take: the fragrant mastic, traditional Greek sweets, ouzo and rose water from the local production. It will take you an hour to get to the hospitable Oinousses. It is located in the northeast side of Chios along with some other uninhabited islets.

It’s a place with great Naval tradition, something that you will find out if you visit the Navy Museum, where you will find the unique collection of Antonis Lemos with model-ships.

If you have been charmed by the beauty of Oinousses and you want to stay there, you have to choose between small houses or room in a hotel.


The Hospitable Oinousses


Enjoy the good and tasty food

Whichever beach you choose to enjoy the sun and your swim, you will be satisfied for sure. You can choose between Zepagas, Kastro, Bilalis or Hagialis and then decide where you are going to swim first. 

If you are one of the privileged people that have their own boat then you are in the right place. Choose a beach or a bay and drop your anchor. The sea is yours. As far as the night is concerned, you should choose the bay of Oinoussa.

“Boureklikia” is the magic word that will travel you in the ‘world of taste’. Don’t forget to drink some of the excellent wine that is produced in Oinousses. Only then, you will realize what real wine tastes like.

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