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  alonissos is the most famous island in the Sporades. Its re-putation has spread during the last years due to its unique lan-dscape, its archeological sites, its cosmopolitan environment and its magnificent seas. alonissos is an island that is full of contradictions. The contradicting elements that are apparent in this small stretch of land, give the island a distinct eccentricity. alonissos sways between the traditional and the contemporary, from the simple to the complex, and from the accustomed and unaccustomed elements.

alonissos is composed of two shades: the summer and winter shade. Its summer shade appears to be flashy and wild. The summer sounds are even different, even a loud buzz has something wild, something out of this world to it.

During the winter alonissos is authentic. It is the alonissos of the good old days. Everything changes, the rhythm lowers and the lights turn off.

Whoever experiences a winter in alonissos, will love and appreciate it, because they will have the chance to realize that is it a place full of character.


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In spite of all these things alonissos is distinctly different both in summer and winter. The only thing that changes is the scenery. It has charmed many anonymous and famous travelers that have written many valuable descriptions of the island. Nikos Kazantzakis even wrote in Toledo that, " Jerusalem, alonissos, and Moscow are the three cities that amazed him ".
alonissos is 94 naval miles southeast of Piraeus , with an area of 83 sq.klms and about 80 klms of coastal line.

Small rocky uninhabited islands that are valuable fishing and herding areas surround it. Marmaronisi, Tragonisi and Parsons are some of the most important ones.

The terrain is rocky without many bulges and bays. The winters are mild and the summers are cool.

How to reach there
By AIR: There are continuous daily flights between alonissos and Athens. The flights increase during the peak months and decrease during the winter. The flight time is approximately 40 minutes. The airport is 4.3 km from the city of alonissos and the transportation of the passengers is done other by Olympic Airways buses, local busses, taxis, and various shuttle buses from the various Hotel Enterprises.
Reservations Olympic Airlines - Athens:
210 9616161
alonissos: 02890 22490
Olympic Airways - alonissos Airport: 02890 22327
Commercial Airforce at alonissos Airport: 02890 23302

BY FERRY - from Piraeus: The ferry boats of various passenger liner companies carry out daily trips to alonissos. The trip lasts approximately 6,30 hours. 

Port Authorities Piraeus:

010 4172 657 & 4511 311
Port Authorities - alonissos:  02890 21218

From Rafina: The are 3 scheduled trips during the summer and one for the winter. The trip lasts approx. 5,30 hours Information
Port Authorities Rafina : 02940 22300 & 28888 From Thessaloniki: There are 2 ferry trips a week which connects the island with Thessaloniki during the peak season. 
Port Authorities Thessaloniki: 0310 531505

From Heraklion Crete
- 3 weekly trips by boat connect Myron's with Heraklion 

Port Authorities Heraklion: 081 226073

- Area Code (02890)

O.T.E. (Greek Telecommunications company).: 22499
Health Center.: 23994-5-6-7
Tourism Police.: 22482
Tourist Information Centers.: 23990
Port Authorities.: 22218
Taxi Depot.: 22400
Customs Office.:  22492
Local Bus Center.: 23360
Archeological Museum.:  22325
Folklore museum.: 22591
Rhinias Telephone Center.:  23020
Delos Telephone Center.:  22259

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